[Cable] Pixelated images in Digital Cable. My fox news channel is pixelation , the sound is also off and on along with the picture. Do you by chance have more than one drop in the apartment? My brother has directv and i have never seen any pixelation while flipping through the channels. IMHO... if there was a country-wide problem with Comcast and individuals with 4K TV's, wouldn't there be more posts/complaints? good luck getting them to boost your signal. My Humble HT: Integra 40.3 Audyssey Calibrated / Denon 1930Ci SACD/DVD-A Player / Sony 3600 3D blu Ray / Behringer iNuke 3000DSP / Mach 5 IXL 18.4 Subwoofer / Optoma HD142x 3D REady 1080P DLP Projector / 92" 16:9 Manual screen / miniDSP HD2x4. I said "I can't confirm it but I suspect", which means I am guessing but don't know for sure. In fact this is the amp Comcast is currently using in the Nashville market. Here's a 720p frame from HBO on Comcast. I do believe Comcasts compression techniques should not be.. You must work for Comcast or something. « [Cable] Comcast channel lineup - box reprogramming? Am I the only one who has beyond belief horrible image quality with Comcast?! I don't think that is normal either. My dad has few TVs 1 of them being a 4K Vizio TV and used to live in an apartment where he couldn't get satellite signal so he could only get Comcast, but now he lives in a house and has DirecTV. I was wondering if there was anything that can be done to improve the picture quality or I'm I stuck with the crappy images? it occurs on all digital channels while the channel is loading. Only getting 30% of ISP Promised Internet Speed? I mean a lot of channels are sometimes unwatchable because it's so bad. That's only for some of the channels, but what I speak of happens on every channel. I have had Comcast Digital Cable for about 3 to 4 weeks now had have noticed that certain channels are really pixelated. Plus it doesn't even look 720P, it's like a mix between SD and 720P. So like I said my dad purchased a home and now has DirecTV, and the TV quality has vastly changed while having DirecTV. 
HD MPEG-2 Test Patterns http://www.w6rz.net
. so you're saying that the reason my digital boxes reset everynight is because of my signal problem? I have had Comcast Digital Cable for about 3 to 4 weeks now had have noticed that certain channels are really pixelated. Right click and select 'View Image" for the full size version. The Halo Championship Series Pro League. So I mean it has to be a bigger issue than most people think or know about. Audio drop out or cuts out for a while and returns The picture goes into mild pixelation and starts getting ... Kef r100 vs r300. IF it is not that perhaps especially if you live in a Very populated area the are compressing the signal so bad that is the result.. Of course, a short time later everything would be working perfectly again. So when my dad used to have Comcast and I have Comcast now, it's like every channel is SD mixed in with HD(720P at best). I was not talking about just contacting corporate and the lackies.. A forum community dedicated to home theater owners and enthusiasts. They even took someone elses line off and switched me with them, and this is still going on.