You might be able to get one on the cheap, but it may also just feel cheap. What’s not to like?, The arrangement of letters are quite different from the way the current keyboards are set up. For some reason, however, I don’t care for the key touch or the key spacing of the Olympia SM7 as much as the other typewriters and that’s why this typewriter lags behind them in my estimation. I know a number of professional writers who would not part with these. On some typewriters, a separate type element (called a typebar) corresponds to each key; others use a single type element (suc… You could go with the Lettera 22 if it’s in great shape. I’m looking for my first writer’s typewriter. Quick. Get a typewriter pad and your problem is solved! These babies were popular with the journalist set for a reason. Also agree with Ricky on the Rheinmetall. Most are from the 1950s or later. Brands. So here's a look at 10 of our favorite typewriter designs of all time. I have bought three online and had to return two (cracked this and that) and the third needed repairs but was salvageable. The platens are usually rocks, but somehow this doesn’t affect the sound or the imprint. I would agree with the ones on this list and add The Rheinmetall (or later SuperMetall) and my personal favorite now (and weirdly available) 1949 Royal Glass Top QDL (Quiet DeLuxe). The platens are usually in great shape, pliant and soft. The Quiet-Riters are plentiful and well made. Here’s ten typewriters that will be sure to please. The key tops are flat, but have a slight indentation so you feel grounded on the keyboard. But before you get into them, I encourage you to read what has been posted on One Typed Page. You’re a writer, improvise! 5182381). BTW if you want a good medium small portable Consul made some very nice ones(Czech-Zbrojovka they are not like a larger portable ..but work fine ..and the cupped keys are tilted slightly Still looking for a typewriter? The return lever is small and the space bar thin, but not so much that it affects usability, unless you’re in the brute squad. I spent all day cleaning him up, dusting the heck out of him and doing a little scrub work. I’ve really been enjoying your reviews as I’ve been searching for my first typewriter. Ending: 2020-10-28 01:47:04 (GMT), Typewriters > Scottsdale,AZ,USA Great machines. The platens are usually in great condition. Elisa, I just found a vintage Noiseless 77 type writer nearby for sale. Expensive when new, but you got your money’s worth. Has a more solid feel than a Lettera. Light. Keep at it. I have typed on this typewriter every book I have written including three not published. Don’t be discouraged if he’s not responding to your calls. I agree about Rheinmetalls..excellent machines(and some US keyboards are around) and Erikas-absolutely! Do you have any information on the Olivetti Lettera 31? Thoughts? The SM-9 De Luxe is about as close to a good office machine as a portable gets. IBM, Nakajima, Brother, Swintec, and more! ( Log Out /  Quick. I decided not to go with the Smith-Corona. Muscular and solid. Inkvo Twin Spool Typewriter Ribbon - Black Ink - Fresh Ink - Compatible with Smith Corona, Underwood, Brother, Olivetti, Olympia, Adler and More - 1 Pack It feels solid. I usually recommend a regular portable, not the ultra-portable and not a standard desktop. Some people don’t like the very thin space bar on the Olivetti – you might consider that. The keys are light and responsive. Some later Erikas and Rheinmetalls were imported here under the brand name Aztec..500’s and 600’s…excellent typers The Smith Coronas are superb typers..40’s look nicer if you get one…50’s work great (and the Towers also) ..I’d prefer one for lot’s of writing to an SM-3. I just love the ergonomics of that typewriter. I’m already in love. Also, this post discusses the plight of the standards: I have never compared the 45 to the 44 — have to believe the guts of both models are very similar. Quite right on the Quiet-riter! If you’re like me and you grew up on the light touch of a laptop, I’d go with the Lettera 31. Remington made some excellent 50’s portables ..extremely well made..w nice basket shift..true writers machines. Our service technicians follow a 21-step testing process to ensure that you receive the highest quality typewriter … They feel similar. Ending: 2020-10-09 00:19:46 (GMT), Typewriters > Scottsdale,AZ,USA The 1950s colors are not the most inspiring! I’ve always found them to have good, soft platens. The 10,11,12’s are superb typers. Rock hard platens. The hard platen makes it the loudest of the typewriters and even with two sheets of paper I need to use the paper release to get paper into the typewriter- the platen is too smooth. I have one of each. Thank you, Have I overlooked any that should be on the list? It has a big paddle on the carriage return lever. Light. Quick question. Every Rocket I’ve owned had a rock hard platen. It’s heavy. Even if you have delicate digits, this handsome guy is not hard to wrangle. Maybe they came that way! Any thoughts and reviews about this typewrite would be greatly appreciated. All are nice machines, but my fave is the SM9 for the reasons noted. For more typewriter shops, check out the Typewriter Marketplace! Olivetti Lettera 32. What would any fellow writers recommend, I’d like an easy to use, nice looking one…. The Lettera 32 occupies a unique position between portable and ultra-portable. ( 9’s also…crisp and delightful. YES – that SG3 one is big! Thanks for talking me into the endeavour with this great article of yours. The first distinction I would draw (and this is my personal taste, others might disagree) is the feel of the key stroke. That being said, these two are COMPLETELY different typewriters in almost all respects and other than the fragility, I love them both. Ending: 2020-10-06 18:19:00 (GMT), Typewriter Brands - Brands Last Modified - The Typewriter Database. That’s why I love the SM9, lots of ’em, and at prices that won’t bust the piggy bank and cause undue strain on family relations. I have probably serviced, and used every possible typewriter around including some very old early models I serviced as collectables. It doesn’t get much use now but it’s always ready to go and is an excellent typewriter. Yeah the light keys and light colored case are overall a little higher quality with some nicer finishing touches, and more stable typing and carriage return mechanism. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. This would be number one on my list. A close second is the Lettera 22; the machine is lovely to look at, and it types very well, I like the font as much as the Royal QDL’s but the keys require a bit more pressure and the touch is somewhat spongy when compared to the Royal QDL and Smith-Corona Silent. It’s a bit loud and messy, but the only way to coax him out are regular bouts on the typewriter. Get a 1960s vintage or later. Since you are a writer and I am not, please tell me what the meaning of the word ‘baish’ is – I don’t know it, I like it, I am wondering if it is Gaelic. I’m telling you, this thing is an experience! Maybe I just have to tune up the Studio a bit. Mine is super solid, barely used and clean. It would definitely be nice to get something more classic looking, but as a writer, my top goal is really durability and performance. I tried to comment earlier but did it wrong. And these Letteras are minimalist perfection. Who can write … Rock ‘em sock ‘em! You’ve stocked a great stable of thoroughbreds! Love the list. Thanks in advance for anyone’s assistance. Click any of the letter buttons in the bar on the left, to call up available brands beginning with that letter. The carriage return is quiet and smooth. I brought home my Olympia SG3 this morning! My go to typewriters have been Olivetti 22, Olympia SM7, Rheinmetall, and an Erika 5 (not very easy to find but you can type like you are angry).