The local joke is that no matter which way you’re going, the rest of BC is beyond Hope. Jeur Brûlée, a road climbing the mountain. } Great Ocean Road, a scenic road in Australia. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Grandview Motel is a friendly family owned and operated motel in the heart of Kamloops. From Golden, head south through the Columbia Valley to Creston, and west through the Southern Okanagan, starting and ending your sun-drenched voyage in Osoyoos, the place where two lakes come together. Tag y, Do you like this drone shot? The Coquihalla Highway (Highway 5) travels from Hope north to Kamloops via Merritt. There was a toll until September 2008, and it was the only toll road in British Columbia. Kamloops – Al Quiring and his team of heavy-tow operators have been rescuing trapped drivers and their vehicles from the treacherous Coquihalla Highway in British Columbia for years. Much of the Coquihalla Highway is built upon the original rail bed of the Kettle Valley Railway. The speed limit on the road is 120 km/h (75 miles/h) since July 2014 when the government agreed that the speed limit can be increased. Use the map to explore the roads, or just discover them exploring the website. The camp is located on [...], Johnstone Strait & Broughton Archipelago Expedition, British Columbia This expedition is a professionally-guided 6-day kayaking [...], EMR Vacation Rentals is a fully-licensed Travel Agency offering fully-furnished BC vacation homes, condos, suites, [...], Wildcoast provides memorable kayak vacations for adventure travellers that combine spectacular scenery, scrumptious food, and [...], The Russ Heinl Group is dedicated to excellence in aerial and architectural photography, which says [...]. The following towns are located on or near the Coquihalla Highway (listed in order from south to north): Hope The 52-year-old has built up such a reputation that truckers say when his green rig shows up, there is nothing to worry about anymore. Location: The Coquihalla Highway runs from Hope north to Kamloops via Merritt. Avalanche chutes scar the mountainsides and are a visible reminder of the steep terrain that surrounds the highway. Those can be great ideas to follow this example if you drive anywhere in a hard winter condition. The modern road was open in 1987 and the cost of the construction was 848 million dollars. The Coquihalla Highway was the only toll road in BC, until the toll was eliminated in 2008 after recovery of the construction cost of the Hope-to-Merritt section. Situated at the confluence of the North and South Thompson Rivers in the Thompson Valley, the sprawling city of Kamloops takes its name from the First Nations word T’kumlups, meaning meeting place. An alternate approach to Kamloops via Princeton and Merritt is Highway 5A, the route that predates the Coquihalla, which opened in 1986. BCTA opposes tunnel option to replace existing George Massey Tunnel, Truck-stop chains take a cautious approach amid Covid-19 crisis, Truckers facing challenging conditions on the road. The road is a part of the transcanadian road that links the west coast with the east coast. Love the show, pvr every episode, so can view when I get off the road ! The Coquihalla Highway climbs through the Great Bear Snow Shed, crests the summit of Coquihalla Pass (elevation 4,068 feet/1240 m), then crosses the top of the Thompson Plateau, with side roads leading off into rolling countryside speckled with fishing lakes. Travel the sunny interior of British Columbia, north through the Okanagan to Sicamous, following Highway 1 into the mountains of the BC Rockies. sfsi_widget_set(); As you drive along the highway, you may notice some small signs in the shape of an old steam locomotive, with Shakespearean names. Don't miss any news, subscribe to our Newsletters. Hana Highway, a road in a Hawaiian paradise. Travelling at modern highway speeds it is difficult to imagine the formidable task of constructing a rail route through this rugged section of BC. window.addEventListener("sfsi_functions_loaded", function() In order to achieve this, you can take highway 1, 5, 5a. Merritt “Sometimes when it is really busy, there is no invoice. Travellers must weigh the pros and cons of this route: 75 minutes driving time can be saved between Kamloops and Hope (and there is the convenience of connecting to the Okanagan), but the severe winter snow and winds threaten even the most experienced and best-equipped drivers. I could listen to him talk for days. He recently received a tapestry from Middleton, N.S. But more than 30 years of experience makes a big difference. Sa Calobra Road, buckle up for a drive in Mallorca. The Coquihalla Highway is a part of Highway number 5. However, the road can be often closed from October to May because of weather conditions that make the road very dangerous. Please note that the article should meet our standards: respect the structure and be long enough. @dronieguy, This road is totally crazy “Lots. Scottish highlands are an amazing place for all ro. Logan Lake: Is a mining town, you will learn some details about the mining life here. Fishing for Rainbow Trout in British Columbia, KiNiKiNiK Restaurant, Store & Accommodations. This road is the shortest way to get from Vancouver to Edmonton. Highway Thru Hell is available on, Discovery GO and Crave. Hope: It is a small town, where you can explore some attractions: the Kawkawa Lake Park, the Coquihalla Canyon Provincial Park, Coquihalla Summit Recreation Area, or the Coquihalla River Provincial Park. Merritt is a hub, where three highways converge – 5, 5A, and 8. Really don’t enjoy winter driving anymore myself, after 30years.. Stay up to date on technology, regulations and trucking life. To get there you should drive east on Highway 1 until you reach Hope city then drive a little portion of Highway 3 until the intersection with Highway 5 (Coquihalla Highway). Find them on a BC Kayak Vacation! Moose, mule deer, bears, and grouse are the main wildlife species here, while small numbers of elk and mountain goats find refuge in the south. The Coquihalla Highway climbs through the Great Bear Snow Shed, crests the summit of Coquihalla Pass (elevation 4,068 feet/1240 m), then crosses the top of the Thompson Plateau, with side roads leading off You can write an article about our favorite roads and we will publish it on the website. Love watching all of you and what you do. Water isn’t the only thing that meets here; the Trans-Canada, the Yellowhead and Highway 97 all meet in Kamloops, as do the two national rail lines, CP and CN. if (typeof sfsi_widget_set == "function") { Pi, Happy BC Day! Highway patrols are frequent should you encounter engine problems. #wolf #wol, A scuba diver and a California Sea Lion get to kno, Whitewater kayaking is extremely popular on the wi, Okanagan and Kootenay Rockies Circle Tour, Orca Dreams: Canada’s luxury whale watching base camp in British Columbia, Kayak the realm of the whales in British Columbia, EMR Vacation Rentals: Vancouver, Whistler, Victoria…. “I know every inch of that highway and how to handle the tough situations,” he said of the expressway that links the Lower Mainland with the rest of Canada. Pictures source: By Dimbeko at English Wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0, / By Ruth Hartnup –, CC BY 2.0, If you are coming from the north you have to reach Kamloops town. Although, it’s not an easy ride, especially during the winter: the road crosses a mountain pass and the weather conditions can be very hard here. Enhanced weigh scale opens in Delta, B.C. You can visualise the itinerary on the map below: You can have a preview of the drive and see how the road condition can be bad on that road by watching this youtube video: The Coquihalla Highway is always open. Quiring said when he got there, he learned that each horse was worth $1 million, and there were three or four of them from California. Pamban Bridge also called Indira Gandhi Bridge. ALDERGROVE, B.C. It climbs the Coquihalla Pass which is 1244 meters (4081 ft) above the sea level. Roadstotravel is a collaborative project. They get one chance to capture what I’m doing, and they know I can’t slow down for them.”. Al’s dedication to his family and his craft is a lesson for us all. Kamloops is 10 times the size of Merritt and Hope. Merritt: From there you can start some outdoor activities and also visit the Coldwater River Provincial Park or the Monck Provincial Park. ; Helmer Lake Hwy 5, 24 km north of Merritt at Helmer Interchange, looking north. ⛰️❄️ Quiring said it took some time, but he eventually got a horse transport from Langley, B.C., to safely remove them. The route is a 2 to 3 lines each way asphalted road. Stay safe so you can rescue another day. }); We provide you a selection of the best roads for your roadtrips whatever if you are on car, bike, bicycle, scooter, or maybe skateboard! They were jackknifed in the runaway lane on the smasher.”. We just help them on their way and move on to the next job. “Every job is a real job; straight up and factual as it happens,” Quiring said. “The secret is to have the experience and the equipment to get the job done right,” said Quiring, whose family owned company Quiring Towing and Recovery is famous for executing difficult jobs. Set into the hills beside Logan Lake in the heart of the Highland Valley, the community of Logan Lake was originally established as a company town to support a copper mine, but has since bloomed into a beautiful rural destination and one of the more popular communities in the interior of British Columbia. Indeed, they take a warm sleeping bag, some candles, and some food just in case. Parks: The following parks – listed from south to north – are located along the Coquihalla Highway between Hope and Kamloops, providing convenient rest stops and overnight campsites for motorhomes and self-sufficient campers (Monck and Lac Le Jeune Parks): Circle Tours: See the best of the area on Okanagan and Kootenay Rockies Circle Tour. I predicted trouble, and sure enough, a few minutes later the call came in. Hope, at the eastern end of the Fraser Valley, is the hub for three major routes leading north: Highway 1, Highway 3, and Highway 5. Quiring gets dozens of calls on a typical day, and his record was 47 calls in 24 hours near the Coquihalla Summit. Seasonal heated pool and large patio, gas barbecues for guests, and shaded picnic area. But the proximity to the coast and the cold weather at high elevations bring short intense storms, which are difficult to predict and prepare for, he said. In summer, because of the steady uphill grade of the highway, motorists must monitor their vehicles for overheating. It is about 200 km (125 miles) long. It is in the British Columbia province. ; Larson Hill - N Hwy 5 at Larson Hill, 36 km south of Merritt, looking north.