When he spies a woman who favors one child over others, for example, he decides to abscond with the children so they won’t know the pain of ending up on the losing side of favoritism. JL: There’s one thing, contractually, that makes both Vernon and I laugh. There is also something at the end of the episode, but I have no idea how to explain it. The horror of the overarching story is masked behind humorous, surrealist puns and visual gags unrivaled by anything else aired on television, even nearly a decade after the end of the series. AVC: Well. This is an absolutely brilliant show, from top to bottom, and is probably way too intelligent for the average Adult Swim viewer. But if you’re trying to put us in a box, then you’re a redneck. Make the whole sentence blue, and when you click on it, it’s just “Hallelujah” on a loop. You'll hate it." histories great thinkers, different cultures, current and past politics etc. This Day In Meme History: "You Are A Pirate", Twitter Users Spam 'Amharic Curse' Text Under Trump's COVID Tweets, Steve From Minecraft Getting Into 'Smash' Rocks The Game's Community, This TikTok Trend Has Users Rapping About The Worst Parts Of Everyone, TikTokers Are Calling People Out For Their Shameful Behavior In This Rising Trend, Donald and Melania Trump Positive COVID-19 Test, A Drive Into Deep Left Field By Castellanos, Make Fox Broadcasting Air Xavier Renegade Angel Sunday Nights After NFL Football, Adult Swim "Witches Abusing Babies" Controversy. VC: I think it just means that he likes us! JL: Physical Tickles would be a great album name. Kudos to you guys of PF/F/FR for creating another designated audience show. That’s just boring to do, trying to repel people. You can see where you are on it, if you take a stress test. Even by Adult Swim standards, it’s exceedingly strange, but also seldom weird for the sake of being weird. VC: He has. I would fucking kill myself. Hey Zoomers! Xavier, Renegade Angel is the story of a man who believes himself a freak as a result of societal rejection. Surreal, nonsensical. There’s solid comic craftsmanship lurking behind all the taboo-shattering. Maybe it’s just a statement. We also do the LLPM, how many lady-lumps per minute. It is so refreshing to see creators have their own brand of humor, it isn't like most modern comedies where the jokes are soft hitting or predictable, I think that's what elevated this show to being truly hilarious and interesting, it is never afraid to be in its own world with its own brand, and I don't think I will ever find something like this again. Since the days of Monty Python's absurdity and irreverence multiple comedians have tried to duplicate it. VC: The show is a warning to children and adults about the dangers of spirituality. What’s the worst question you wrote down? 'v' Some adventurous scuba aficionado could really watch the third season. VC: Because people are fucking over. So, if you're the typical Hot Topic-shopping "oh man look how funny this is when I'm stoned!" Don. If you don't like it, you don't get it. Last time the duo spoke to The A.V. VC: I told you we shouldn’t talk about it. She is receiving an examination from a doctor and she says that she feels like something is wrong with the baby. VC: Let’s figure out if this repellent guy has any ideas. VC: That was quite an experiment. This was like two and a half years ago! VC: And trying to think of mnemonic devices to remind them to wash their asses.