Cinna-deals. While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. VC: We just give him a camera, and he and his friends make the show. AVC: How much work does the show take on an episode-to-episode basis? We overwrite, overshoot, over-everything. Are you guys vegetarians? VC: He's like, "Let's go to Times Square and yell: 'I'm the king of this town! AVC: But they allowed you to cook and eat God. It's murder crystallized into pure meaty form. JL: They kind of realize, "I'm not gonna get a rise out of these two guys, but somehow this puppet should be responding to me, so I'm gonna direct my anger to him.". VC: I remember that, because I was running, about two blocks away. Clarence: Hello everyone! I like it, 'cause it makes him look like a badass. Naturally, we have Gordon Lish doing an audio commentary, former fiction editor of Esquire and—. Do you need a new metaphor? But they call it Wonder Showzen. And we're like, "Trevor! That's gonna be big for us. They actually promoted some people because of it. Posted by CHRIS LIVE AKA SHAKER at 4:46 PM. They don't like exclamation points when it comes to Jesus. We wrote that as a joke, thinking, "Okay, that'll be something that they'll throw out, and then we'll get this other thing." David: THAT'S NOT FUNNY!!! We try to go around the joke, but he knows right away. Clarence: Oh look! You should try it. What do you think of America? It's a siren song. tip: hetalia f/f sort:kudos. Come on! We can't even get ourselves fired. AVC: Do you have to chase down the people you bother on the street for releases? David: Why would you drag me across the world? Everything you need to know about and expect during, the most important election of our lifetimes. The first season—out now on DVD—features mostly young children interacting with evil (or stupid, or both) puppets and the occasional guest star (Amy Sedaris, Flavor Flav, Christopher Meloni). We actually had to bring in puppets and show them how puppets don't have genitals. JL: Meat is pretty compelling to look at. We shot this bit in front of St. Patrick's Cathedral called "Little Dead Pope." He's my friend." I think we asked Trevor, "Would you want to go to Times Square and yell at people?" AVC: Maybe the last episode can be just the theme song. At the house... David: Okay! But I think slowly we're turning the show into something just that annoying. AVC: How do these kids' parents feel? That ended up being really fun. Regular features include Clarence, a puppet that harasses people on the street; cartoons on everything from a heroin-shooting Bible to a canine gynecologist; and the amazing "Beat Kids," in which precocious preteens (most notably a red-headed scamp named Trevor) ambush unsuspecting people with bizarre, biting questions. AVC: Is there anything they've said no to flat-out? We'll have people put their hand over his mouth to stop him talking, or cover his eyes so he can't see them. If you proceed you have agreed that you are willing to see such content. Chauncey: … JL: Vernon and I do all the writing, all the directing, all that stuff, so it takes about nine months to make six shows, which is a ridiculous waste of time. VC: He does. Kneel before me!'" Certain people, there's just some magic that they believe in the puppet. There's a guy who pulled a knife on us, and we kept going toward him. I know that they won't, but MTV really DOES need to make this right. I hope I never get to that point, where I sell out, where I actually do the show and not just the song.". Please consider turning it on! Boundary-pushing shows do exist, but there are unspoken lines that most don't even bother approaching. Violette1st Fanon Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. VC: No. JL: Some guy had his forearm against my neck and had me pinned against a wall. Flavor Flav became America's retard; he had a regurgitation of fame. AVC: They do seem to get mad at Clarence, the puppet. One shot. Do you show them the show? It's kind of like alcohol, but in a more solid form. They were like, "You can't have that puppet put his penis in that other puppet's mouth.". Subscribe to: Post … Finally, all that has paid off with a paid writing position, even though it took me 56 moon cycles to get it I can definitely tell you it was worth the wait! So we keep pushing further and further. With Vernon Chatman, John Lee, Alyson Levy, Evan Seligman. I assume that something happened to them as children. It's funny! JL: Because that kind of worked, technically. We dressed a 9-year-old kid up like Hitler and put him out on the street. We see if they can read lines and we just start tormenting them, kind of the way we're tormenting you. Most kids don't figure that out, but he's starting to get a little savvy. They were like, "This goes all the way to the top." We don't look at the guy, we just stare at the puppet like, "What the hell is this kid doing?" JL: We can't do stuff about Jesus, but we can do stuff about God. Clarence: And? And they liked it. JL: If we don't get along with the parents, we don't bother dealing with the kids. VC: He thought we weren't getting more than three minutes on the air. JL: We did a "Story Time With Flavor Flav" that was not quite up to our high standards of comedy. It's just solid murder, rock-hard murder. They have this weird thing on MTV. And his eyes lit up. We hide behind the flag, the Bible, and the Constitution a lot, and that lets us get away with whatever we want. There's so many times that someone hits us and we just run away like babies. VC: White males over 70, except for Dick Gregory. The A.V. JL: But ultimately, all the deliciousness beckons, and you gotta go back to meat. This work could have adult content. A whip cracking a diamond into shape. David: He said something about the show and Christians. VC: They believe in it enough to hate it. I'm assuming he got caught blowing a priest. Vernon and I locked ourselves in a box with no light and sound to learn God's language, and it worked pretty good, because that's the show. They said, "We need another episode," and we jokingly said to the executive, "Hey, we'll just run the thing backward," and he came back the next day and said, "Let's do it." Domestic violence! For those who have been diligently following me and thusly have seen all my different hairstyles, you’ll know that I’ve been writing like a mad cow and then some. We're trying to learn to stop hating ourselves and try to love ourselves. Standards are such a weird thing at a network like MTV. We usually know it's gonna be a good bit when we hire bodyguards. Human AU. And kicked. It's the perfect metaphor for whatever you need. We have them say something, and we know we're gonna cut it together. افغانستان څومره ښه دی! I calculated what we get paid per hour, and I think I'd be doing better if I worked at Cinnabon, because you get free Cinnabons. God Suicide - posted in General Discussion: Did anyone watch that episode of Wonder Showzen when god killed himself and those puppets ate him? So you'll only see that episode on DVD, or you can download it from iTunes. VC: It's not standards, it's protection. The only way we relate to the kids is personality. That's always our argument—"You show this stuff that's actually offensive!". Today, me and David Cross are in Afghanistan to make a movie! We did this thing called "Little Hitler: What's Wrong With The Youth Of Today." JL: We did it the day before Cheney, our vice president, shot a man in the face, and they thought it was too insensitive. The children laugh around them, only a tad of them obvious to the jokes. They went and dropped out a double entendre or something. VC: When we audition, they see the show; they know the content. Club spoke with joke-prone Wonder Showzen creators John Lee and Vernon Chatman. AVC: Have you ever been physically assaulted while shooting? Meat is like a diamond. Guy: د حیرانتیا ننداره څه ده؟ دا د عیسوي پروپاګند په څیر آوازونه دي! No, we feed him lines, but when he's interviewed, he doesn't admit that. This season, there were three episodes that we were like, "This episode should totally end the show. David: No it wasn't! extract from ws first episode. VC: And then we took little steps closer, and within five steps, he started to go for us, and we took off. If people are that easily offended then why are they watching that stuff on mtv2? Meat is visually compelling. With few exceptions, TV seeks to be broad, accessible, and inoffensive. JL: Father of Don DeLillo and Raymond Carver. (A disclaimer before each episode states, "The stark, ugly, and profound truths Wonder Showzen exposes may be soul-crushing to the weak of spirit. Turn on looping for your embedded video so it will play over and over and over and over and over and you get the idea. VC: We had a real shotgun really shooting a crucifix, and we shot it, but they wouldn't let us air it. And the only people doing audio commentaries are over 70. AVC: There's a lot of anti-meat sentiment on the show. Wonder Showzen - MTV Shows. It's really hard to get people mad through a child. He's like, "Oh, that joke's about shitting on a nun's chest." Clarence: Hey you! VC: We shit all over the back of those things. JL: All we do is whisper, "Say some crazy bugged-out shit! Wonder Showzen origin story. We tell MTV, "Buy us out," but they're not doing it. What's your moral standard when you're celebrating 16-year-old kids spending $2 million on a party? Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The show is broadcast live in God's language. VC: We're doing Clarence naked. VC: It actually made it to air, and nobody got fired. VC: And they encourage us to show God having oral sex. What will it take? Classic editor History Comments Share. Black Man Who Spoke in Support of Police Fatally Shot by Texas Police Officer, Thomas Jefferson Byrd, Known for Co-Starring in Several Spike Lee Films, Fatally Shot in Atlanta, Melting Antarctic Ice Exposes 800-Year-Old Penguins That Still Look Fresh, Nathan Apodaca’s viral cranberry-juice-and-longboard Tik Tok boosts sales of Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams” by 374%, If Your iPhone’s Battery Is Evaporating With iOS 14, You Are Not Alone, With Trump in Hospital With Covid-19, Twitter Suddenly Decides That Wishing for Someone's Death Is a No-No. You can do almost anything, but you can't do a suggestion of oral sex. Clarence: Well what do you think about Wonder Showzen? VC: And appreciator of old vaudeville comedy. Pop culture obsessives writing for the pop culture obsessed. JL: We're trying to top the annoyance level, and trying not to run the formula into the ground. He should have warned us." JL: That's just a sign of network desperation. Did you know? JL: My favorite moments are when you see someone lash out at the puppet, and then we have the guts, after he hits us, to move closer. You can't see that offscreen, but that's why. He really gets the humor. هغه دا هرڅه کوي او زه نشم برداشت کولی! ", VC: I don't know if you've seen all the episodes, but last season we had the "Patience" episode. I'm gonna keep playing my Xbox!