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But erikkarlsson65 winning isn’t completely awful so I’m not as upset as I would normally be. #San-Jose-Sharks Right before OT started, we shook hands and agreed that if one of us had to lose tonight, this was the ONLY way to do it. Shop for San Jose Sharks home and office supplies at the official online store of the National Hockey League.

50 notes. Explore our portfolio & get some idea of your own! #even though he looks like a dinosaur i still love him, #Sorry my edits have been crappier than usual lately, #i haven't really been in the best moods lately, #pic borrowed with love from his facebook, S. J. Sharkie on Instagram: “‪The center line is red.‬ ‪The crease is blue.‬ ‪Sharks fans are the best.‬ ‪Keep doing what you do!‬ ‪#HappyValentinesDay!‬”, #converting new people to at least thinking sharkie is awesome, #they still think i like hockey because of the tiny drop of canadien, #don't think my freshman year pe teacher would have bought that, #then again she didn't know any of the rules for hockey so who was she to try to tell me there is no physical contact in hockey, #my team sucks so lemme just get in here and block shots on goal because the goalie is useless. Sharkie entered his 29th year as the Sharks beloved mascot. Loud enough that it’s two hours later and my ears are STILL RINGING.

I think one day they played out there for…, PIN TO WIN! Could not be more proud of this team and how they are standing behind their black player and just responding savagely to hate in their LGBTQ post that includes the black and brown hearts. Browse our selection of Sharks decorations, DVDs, flags, glasses, bedding, and more at me: mm..yes *sleepily mumbles* it’s Sharks time. GIPHY is how you search, share, discover, and create GIFs. WERE.

This is the bit where I learn a heartwarming lesson about not making my drinks half vodka, Round 2, Game 5 | vs COL | Saturday 05.04.19, [round 3, game 2 vs STL | Monday 05.13.19 | L 4-2]. #sj sharkie #san jose sharks #gifs* #asg19 #this was so cute i had to. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us.

Section 224 (especially row 6) YOU. San Francisco-based model and designer Bad Aby of Bad Aby Designs has created a one piece shark bite swimsuit "with side cut out, leatherette 'teeth' trim, I've got this happy end of summer triangle page up at the Jenni Bowlin Studio Inspiration Blog today if you would like to read more about it and check out my inspiration!