Rollins went through a range of finishers after his Curb Stomp was initially banned. “We’re committed to being a trusted partner to brands, agencies, and marketers as we build TikTok for the long term.

That means marketers can’t sue the company if it can’t fill advertising orders. If someone makes a spam client, then it would get banned just like a user on a normal client spamming via copy/paste.

His Swanton onto a ladder at Clash of Champions was particularly scary. Over the years, we've seen some devastating finishers in WWE. Another iconic move used only by Y2J.

In June, the Interactive Advertising Bureau hosted its annual digital NewFronts presentations, which is when internet companies show off their video programming to brands. In recent days, marketers say that TikTok started including new terms in its ad deals that cover the company and clients, should the service become “unavailable.”.


Don't even try to change our mind.

Alexandra Jardine - 3 days 3 hours ago, By But here at GIVEMESPORT, we've decided to rank 20 of our favourite. “Advertisers would just stop campaigns and shift spend,” the exec says, speaking on condition of anonymity.

Was there anything more beautiful than seeing someone like Bret Hart or Sting nearly bend their opponent in half? Garett Sloane is the tech reporter at Ad Age.

What happens if Microsoft buys TikTok, and where brands go if the app is banned in the U.S. TikTok founder races to save app before Trump bans it, TikTok CEO blasts Zuckerberg attacks ‘disguised as patriotism’, - Read additional free articles each month, - Comment on articles and featured creative work, - Get our curated newsletters delivered to your inbox. This isn't a superstar specific finisher and plenty have made the Spear their own over the years. We might look back on Goldberg's most recent WWE run with disdain, given he was holding the Universal title at the age of 53 for no apparent reason. Rock Bottom!' Advertisers are still planning ad campaigns with TikTok—Old Navy, Eddie Bauer and PacSun, for example, are pressing ahead with back-to-school runs—even though the company is the subject of an international tug of war. “TikTok IO terms have been updated to allow for this.”. “We can cancel media at any time prior to or during the campaign,” Bamford says. The Styles Clash is a thing of dangerous beauty. Out.’: Watch Captain Chesley ‘Sully’ Sullenberger’s scathing anti-Trump ad, Using authenticity to connect with holiday shoppers, Microsoft has emerged as the most likely buyer, How the TikTok tension is affecting brands’ back-to-school campaigns.

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The excuse that they can cause … There has been a cloud hanging over marketing, tech and media for months because of the pandemic and civil unrest, which has required a more forgiving approach to ad contracts. One C-level executive at a top ad agency says that TikTok is giving brands a ripcord to pull if the platform were to get banned.

It's simple and effective and over the years, has been one of the most protected moves in WWE. You may unsubscribe at any time.

Brands have been given escape clauses to ad contracts, but terms protect TikTok, too. He used the Ripcord Knee and even Triple H's Pedigree. There are complications that need to be spelled out in the deals: What if TikTok can’t deliver on the media orders it promised, unable to fulfill ad guarantees?

'Rock Bottom! Another simple but effective finishing move.

The president has been pressuring ByteDance, the Chinese company that owns TikTok, to sell its U.S. holdings, claiming the app poses a national security risk. WWE is full of superkick variations these days, but HBK's Sweet Chin Music was the best there ever was and the best there ever will be. i�[$�n.

TikTok does not plan on going anywhere, but just in case, it is giving brands some flexibility should the unthinkable happen—namely, a ban in the U.S. We're ranking this one in the top 10 because the 16-time world champ has had some iconic moments with his finish. Video-sharing app says it's not going anywhere, but contracts with brands still include an escape hatch, The top 5 most creative brand ideas you need to know about right now, J Balvin follows Travis Scott with his own McDonald’s meal, NFL Playbook: Tracking how brands are marketing around an uncertain season, P&G's Secret highlights how women bear outsized burden of pandemic in new ads, Jameson brings back ‘Lost Barrel’ spot to anchor its new holiday campaign, Instagram puts shopping everywhere, first on IGTV and then Reels, What Facebook needs in its next CMO—and it's not a savior who will change everything, How to plan ads for an uncertain Super Bowl: just assume it’s happening, Influencer marketing bounces back strong as pandemic lingers, Joe Biden is the dog lovers' candidate, says this ad full of former presidents and their furry friends, Trending: TikTok fuels Fleetwood Mac, Ocean Spray, and Farmville is put out to pasture, Parkland victim Joaquin Oliver comes back to life in heartbreaking plea to voters, 'Ferris Bueller' star Alan Ruck plays a grown-up version of Cameron Frye in ad for LiftMaster, ‘Vote. “The TikTok team is highly motivated to drive sales and are super flexible with us in terms of custom programs, pricing and added value,” says Ellie Bamford, VP and head of U.S. media at R/GA. Mick Foley's Mr Socko was good, but it's got nothing on Bray Wyatt's creepy rendition. !1111"...It seems silly that its against the TOS to do that.

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11. TikTok also is covering its own liability by outlining that it is not responsible for undelivered media.

Are you a print subscriber? In the meantime, brands and agencies say they are getting guarantees that if the app is banned or sold, their marketing campaigns are covered.

Man, this one is brutal.