He’s been to pretty much every single worlds since he’s been playing on pro teams.”, Bjergsen on Turtle: ‘Everyone who knows Turtle knows he’s easy to talk to and be in a team with’, The Flame Chronicles No. 2017 NA LCS/Spring Playoffs From Leaguepedia Archive | League of Legends Wiki < 2017 NA LCS This is the approved revision of this page, as well as being the most recent. Gamepedia's League of Legends Esports wiki covers tournaments, teams, players, and personalities in League of Legends. The final round is played between the winner of the second round and the 2nd point holder. Ray ended up starting all blue side games for Cloud9, with Impact starting on the red side in games 2 and 4 of the series. In between week 5 and 6, NA LCS took a break to participate in Rift Rivals. Even at 38 minutes into the game, the gold was dead even. To qualify for the World Championship, a team must either be the summer champions, have the most championship points, or w… Every Saturday and Sunday there were four matches played. A 31 minute victory had the series all tied up for the game 5 tradition of Danny McCarthy's Silver Scrapes, but this time, the LoL Esports warsong was led by a new voice: Originating from a pre-break joke from earlier in the playoffs, MarkZ led the Vancouver crowd in a hilarious, intentionally off-key rendition of Silver Scrapes ahead of the final game in the series. NV Apollo discusses burning out and why LirA is the best jungler in North America. The team chased down IMT members all the way to the Baron pit to ace the IMT roster and take down Baron Nashor. ", Sneaky on stealing Contractz's Penta: "It was for the greater good. IMT easily destroyed the bottom lane inhibitor before moving to siege the middle lane, but series MVP TSM Biofrost executed a beautiful engage on Rakan to surprise IMT’s Cody Sun, removing IMT’s main damage threat and leaving three IMT members dead. [more], Brawlhalla US Regional Qualifiers Approaching, Call of Duty publisher Activision rolled out a public beta event this weekend on the Playstation 4 platform for people who pre-ordered copies of the newest title, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. Armed with an early 6k gold lead, IMT managed to secure Baron Nashor 18 seconds after it spawned! With the use of dynamic seeding, the highest seed team, regular season, played against the lowest seed team that moved onto the Semifinals. ", Aphromoo on what early CLG was like, building trust in the team, and how Huhi untilts him on stage, Redeeming Meteos: Repairing the narrative against Cloud9, Lane Efficiency: Case Studies from the NA and EU LCS, Trend Lines, NA LCS Week 5 - FlyQuest, Dignitas, Meteos on his LCS return, facing former teammates, and the chance he'll stay, Froggen talks Echo Fox's strengths and the advantages Wild Card teams have in world tournaments, Aphromoo on shoring up CLG’s issues, Immortals’ early botlane issues, and the support meta, Immortals Coach Robert Yip on Dardoch’s reformation process and Flame’s team integration, Xmithie on rookie junglers getting the spotlight, why his girlfriend isn’t ruining the LCS, Balls talks the best part of being on FlyQuest, Hai's shot-calling, and what he misses about C9, LOD: "I'm learning that ADCs are not made to do damage in Season 7. TSM marched to the IMT nexus to complete the improbable comeback and win their sixth NA LCS Championship. The 2017 NA LCS season was the fifth year of the North American League of Legends Championship Series, a professional esports league for the MOBA PC game League of Legends. The dynasty continues for NA LCS champion Team SoloMid as they defeated Immortals 3-1 in the NA LCS Summer Finals on Sunday. Obviously, it's tough, but I've never been able to win an LCS Final. The 2017 regular summer season started on Friday, June 2, 2017 featuring C9 vs Counter Logic Gaming (CLG) and Immortals (IMT) vs P1. IMT’s Flame looked very comfortable on Jarvan IV and landed his abilities with impeccable timing – a key initiation by Flame left four TSM members dead and allowed IMT to take an easy Baron Nashor. As part of the Unified Community Platform project, your wiki will be migrated to the new platform in the next few weeks. ", FlyQuest's Moon: 'I guess I’ve just grown up? Svenskeren: 'I’m not satisfied with how I played this split, hopefully I can make it up in playoffs', Doublelift on TL’s match against TSM and his hopes to avoid relegations today, Keith on the struggles he’s faced: ‘The negative feedback I received impacted me a lot as a player’, Sneaky on Team Liquid: ‘I don’t think they’ll get relegated… it would suck to see Liquid leave LCS’, FlyQuest Moon on the team’s performance ‘We didn’t have any effective practice for the entire split’, Synergy, always synergy: Inside Counter Logic Gaming's final playoff push, Hastro: "We're going to make this team a powerhouse in the next split. Panic and Parity: Are Team Liquid as bad as they think they are? The top two teams automatically qualify for Semifinals while the four other teams played in the Quarterfinals. ", 1-on-1 with Reignover: Career reflections, coming to NA and his pre-gaming life, Pobelter on poor performance ‘Even if I was practicing more it wasn’t that good for my mental state’, The Flame Chronicles No. In the playoffs, six teams compete in a single-elimination bracket for prize money and Championship Points. Twitch; Twitch - Alternative Stream; Articles []. The second highest seed team, regular season, played against the other team. Team Liquid and Phoenix1 both won the promotion tournament, but they are not guaranteed a seat next split. Quarterfinals and Semifinals played in the Battle Arena while the Finals played at the TD Garden in Boston, MA. While the pick did not end up being the point of strength as expected, Cloud9 managed to hang on to barely edge out a 47-minute victory to stay alive in the series. Things were looking up during the mid-game for C9 as they were able to get a slender lead, but a botched team fight at Baron turned the momentum into TSM’s favor. Immortals built up a lead through small skirmishes as well as a risky Baron Nashor, and felt confident starting the Elder Dragon even with TSM nearby. With the death timers at 42 minutes, TSM were able to rush down C9’s base and once again be crowned the champions of the NA LCS. This is first time a North American team has won both the Spring and Summer Splits in the same year, and the first time that a team has won three-consecutive NA LCS Championships. Phoenix1 Arrow discusses playing against Adrian and working with new supports Stunt and Shady. ", NA Spring 2017 Power Rankings, with TSM taking the top spot, Phoenix1 Arrow: "It feels good to get off on a good start", C9 Impact: "It feels like junglers are a bit too powerful", Froggen on adding Looper: “I was obviously excited.