She then tells Skyler to be vigilant and safe, then hangs up. Leaving the Tag Heuer watch may also be symbolic that "time has run out" for Walt, or it may be symbolic of Walt leaving behind his prideful, selfish, "Heisenberg" self, who was overly focused on greed and power, symbolized by the watch. Watch the first trailer for Sacha Baron Cohen's latest, Borat Subsequent Moviefilm. Once there, he puts his final plan into action. Felina Walt surprises her by finally admitting the truth: he'd done it for his own sake. That "Felina" is a portmanteau of "Fe", "Li" and "Na", the symbols for iron, lithium and sodium, or shorthand for "blood, meth and tears" is a common, This is the second longest episode of the series (55 minutes), only surpassed by the ", This is the fourth episode to be written and directed by Vince Gilligan, after ". The song concerns an unnamed cowboy who falls in love with a woman named Faleena, gets shot by his enemies, and dies in her arms. He approaches the now bleeding and defenseless neo-Nazi leader who is lying on the floor. Jesse frantically unlocks his hand-and-foot cuffs and stands up, now facing Walt, who still has the pistol in hand. As the police lights approach in the distance, Walt walks into the compound's meth lab which contains Declan's old empire's industrial chemical equipment. She must tell the police that he broke into her apartment, ordered her to make bacon and eggs for his birthday, and gave her that lottery ticket. It is all very civilized, and Gretchen and Elliott are starting to hope Walt will leave their house without doing violence... then he turns to the window and signals outside to two "assassins", who train their laser sights on Elliott and Gretchen, much to their horror. Vince Gilligan selected the one where a "W" (for Walter White) is created by the smear. He tells her to trade this information for a deal with the DEA to finally clear her of any possible accusations so she can go on with her life. Logically, Walter could survive and Cranston has since teased this theory by stating "You didn't see a body bag" in an interview. Walt says his farewell to Skyler and Holly. She looks at Walt sadly as he lovingly caresses his daughter for the last time. This episode was watched by 10.28 million people on its premiere night, up from the previous high, ", The finale also set new records on Twitter, with 1.24 million tweets from 601,370 unique users during the live broadcast of both the EST and PST telecasts. Use the HTML below. garykmcd. He tells her he built his Drug Empire for himself because he liked it and because he was good at it and ultimately because it made him feel alive. Knowing that his family is safe and financially secure, Walt dies serenely staring at the ceiling with his arms spread out from his body in a quasi-crucifixion pose. A second later he's jolted from this daydream, bearded and scarred, still a prisoner of the White Supremacist Gang, cooking meth for them in the warehouse at the end of a chain. Walt's reflection on the lab equipment is distorted in such a way that he appears to have a goatee and a shaved head. Lydia is frightened and tries to leave, but Walt holds her by the arm and begs for just two minutes of her time. As the Schwartzes walk to the kitchen to prepare dinner, Walt closes the main door and follows them inside the house. Todd says that they can't bring him out of the meth lab because he is busy cooking a batch. Then explains how the men who stole his money killed and buried Hank and Steve in the same hole they unearthed the barrels from. Walt informs them that he needs the money as soon as possible because he's almost broke from trying to keep ahead of the authorities. Lydia is horrified by this news and starts to panic as Walt calmly says goodbye. Jesse gets in Todd's car and ecstatically plows through the gates of the compound to freedom, laughing and crying hysterically; hardly believing he made it out alive. Suddenly, Walt pulls up a chair and joins them, telling them that he only needs two minutes to give them a new offer. Todd Alquist joins her shortly after and they start a conversation where Todd awkwardly tries to compliment Lydia's clothes (and in her eyes failing miserably.) He gives Skyler the lottery ticket ("Buried") and tells her to call the police as soon as he leaves. Walt gives them $10,000 each and they instantly feel better. The neo-Nazis are amused and start laughing at the struggle. After an intense and silent stare, Walt slides his gun to his former student, who somewhat puzzled picks it up and aims it at Walt. On the line, a seriously ill Lydia is calling Todd to ask if Walt has been killed yet. She asks if Walt is going to turn himself in to the police and Walt confirms that "the police will come for me." View production, box office, & company info. In a coffee shop, he meets Todd and Lydia saying he's now broke but has a new formula for making meth that he wants to sell them. He tries to use the screwdriver to start the car, but fails after several attempts. and he leaves the house. As expected, Breaking Bad ended with a bang. But Jack angrily tells Todd to hurry up so they can be done with this, after which he tells Walt that he will personally shoot Walt in the head. It automatically starts to open fire, oscillating on the garage door opener's motor, and rips through the vehicle and building. Walt obliges and admits "I want this," yet Jesse still finds it impossible to pull the trigger. He pays one last visit to Skyler but avoids seeing Walt Jr. The two say they feel somewhat uncomfortable with what they just did. Title: Although unknown, it can be assumed. A completely realistic approach into normal people's lives and brilliant concept into showing how circumstances and choices can really transform a normal person's personality.Outstanding. Amused by the luxury, Walt analyzes some pictures on a counter as Gretchen walks into the living room and screams as she spots him. Borat is back! Several takes were shot of Walt's blood stained hand sliding down the stainless steel tank. Meanings of the title names of every episode,, This episode has the outstanding score of. During this distraction, Walt is able to discreetly retrieve the car keys with the remote control from the pool table behind him. Gretchen cowers behind a now wide eyed Elliott, who on second thought thinks it best to just drop the useless knife altogether. He then notices his wedding band, hanging from his makeshift necklace, and focuses on his next course of action. Walt is frisked by Frankie, and his keys and wallet are taken from him, they also make Walt lift up his shirt and spin around to show them he's not wearing any wires. In the series finale, Walt returns to Albuquerque to settle accounts. He tells Walt he's obviously here for his money, but that he'll never find his millions if he pulls the trigger... Walt interrupts him with a bullet to the head, avenging Hank and Steve. Elliott tries to protect Gretchen with a small cheese knife but Walt just scoffs, "Elliot if we're gonna go that way, you'll need a bigger knife." Walt asks them if it's true that Blue Sky is still being manufactured and distributed, which they confirm, thinking that the manufacturer was Walt all this time. The police car leaves without further inspection, and after a moment of intuition, the car keys drop from the visor into his lap. Jesse jumps up and starts to strangle Todd with the chain of his handcuffs completely full of rage for his captivity and Todd's murdering of Andrea. Elliott comes to her aid and Walt casually greets the couple and compliments their impressive new home. Gilligan admits not knowing he got it until the editor complimented it. The two men struggle on the ground as Walt watches but does nothing to interfere. However, many absurd phone calls are being made to the DEA. The song Baby Blue by Badfinger saw a 9,000% increase in streams, and more than 5,000 iTunes sales the night. He gets up and walks out of the café. Best seasons of any show I've ever watched, The Best Series Finales of the 21st Century. Walt determines that Jesse is still alive and cooking much to Skinny Pete and Badger's shock as they thought Jesse had moved to Alaska. This article or section needs to be cleaned up to conform to a higher standard of article quality.