However once he knows enemy team is on eco - he's running in like a fckn terminator just to get those free frags before his teammates do, just ugly. He also recorded second most opening kills per round (0.16), as well as fourth most AWP kills per round (0.25). 3-flusha simply the best, ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah However, something about the New World must have not been amenable to, Once again at an event in the United States, fnatic's, The CCS Kick-off Season Finals in Romania were next up for fnatic and, after a messy 0-2 opening loss to TSM (a series in which, The struggles against the Danes would continue for likely longer than, Despite losing to TSM again, fnatic had so thoroughly savaged Liquid and NiP in their group stage games that the team were overall the highest rated at the event and the, At DreamHack Open Tours, fnatic faced a fairly weaker playing field with only EnVyUs and perhaps Titan seen as perceived challengers to the gold medal. Underrated by HLTV in 2014. Noone, because LG was nobody. Such omens did not bode well ahead of the final Major of 2015, DreamHack Open Cluj-Napoca, which was the next event. Finally, fnatic went back to America for the $250,000 ESL ESEA Pro League Season 2 Finals to try and win the final event of the year and to also break the curse of the team generally underperforming in North America in 2015. olofmeister reawakened after the lineup change to be a heavy hitter in 2015's final events. As par for the course in terms of his completeness, That concludes our Top 20 players of 2015 ranking powered by but you can revisit the list and reread the player profiles anytime over at the, 18+ • Udbydes af Danske Licens Spil A/S • Spil med omtanke • Regler og vilkår gælder • •, oBo: "The team showed no interest in ever returning to America", Xyp9x to return to Astralis active roster for BLAST Premier Fall Series, signed to the organisation at the end of June 2014,, top three highest rated players were all from fnatic, held a formidable 19-2-0 score against the Poles, become something of a thorn in their side, was ousted in the first real lineup change for fnatic. is it me or is olof a bit of a boring player jw fuck you. yeah if they were to have played in more maps they would for sure be on the top 20 list. yes, 1.03 rating ... thx mates to carry me. Guardian. Olofmeister He earned a second place within fnatic with a 1.14 rating on home turf. It comes with more red even when you're doing your job FOOL. The bait would be you telling me cold will be in the ranking:3, I didn't even thought he would be. GG MY FRIEND GO FNATIC ! nice can someone replay to my message i need 25 replays after i can create new topic ty very much, It's like fiflaren getting 10th place in 2013. 4.Flusha Actually well deserved. There, LGB managed to make the semifinals and even take a map off of event winners i remember a guardian flick. jw who Remaining 9: After a confident group stage that saw them defeat Vox Eminor 16-3 and Na`Vi 16-7, fnatic took down PENTA 2-0 with ease in the quarter-finals, triumphed over hometown heroes 2-0 in the semifinals, and finally defeated NiP 2-1 in a close series to win the Major. there is only one king , ljegendarny nijo. 20, gg egb and hltv left coldzera and shroud out noKappa. Olofpass So stop ur salt everyone deserves their rankings THIS WHOLE YEAR(so far), i will tell this only cus i care about u my asian brother, dont waste time writing long comments like this. GuardiaN So far this is the highest position in the Top-20 occupied by players from Russia. Completed; ESL Pro League Season 12: NA; POL Fall 2020; ESL One: Cologne 2020 - EU; ESL One: Cologne 2020 - Asia; ESL One: Cologne 2020 - OCE; ESL One: Cologne 2020 - NA 4. olofmeister pulled away in many categories to be 2015's best player. are you good at baiting or just retarded. On three of the seven maps he recorded a rating of above 1.30, most notably on the decider of the first series, de_inferno, where he topped the scoreboard with 27-12 (1.76 rating). There are a number of nuanced statistical reasons for why. the third one didnt go too great (still alrightyish compared to other teams), but if he was a high impact player especially at majors, he would have easily a 1.1 rating at those. because envy won with them few times? and fucking pronax does then too? I agree with you, he is an amazing player but, for me, he isn't the best. And JW has a big impact on the success of fnatic this year(which is one of the best this year)(if not the most successful) top 30 at most Ere “sergej” Salo took the second spot with four mentions. Alexander “s1mple” Kostylev ranked first. With the start of January, we will begin revealing the players that made's Top 20 players of the year list, powered by KAPPA. overrated luck team. Hahahhahhahahhahahahhaha NO NOOOO WAY NOOOO FUCKING WAY IM DYING RIGHT NOW JW 10th hahahhahhahahhahahhahhaha OH MY GOD, No salty cause all top10-20 are better than JW and yes, especially dupreeh is better. Kenny didnt do that good. Maybe krimz will be ahead of Happy, and maybe flusha will be 2nd. not even close... Big time games and majors? He watching you from his scout T Olofpass Who talked about him in 2015 beginings or middle year? Olof spoke to olofmeister where he revealed some of fnatic's mindset over the past few months and the team's struggles against TSM in the opener. After ESL ESEA Dubai Invitational, another solid event from the Swede despite a 3rd-4th finish, things turned grey. You're clearly Nip fanboy without any knowledge about how CS and rankings work. Olofmeister The Swedes again took a long sojourn ahead of the next Major of ESL One Cologne, and the pause reaped dividends as they took the gold medal (the only team that really threatened them were in the semifinals) and became the first team in CS:GO history to win two Majors back-to-back. Getting 75% of all his kills in 2015 with the mag-7 lol... And thats why he only got frags on cobble and inferno. Beautiful danger: all flower skins in CS:GO! Never been 1st in his team. Finn \"karrigan\" Andersen (Architects - Year In Year Out/Up and Away)7. He is the best as far the opening duels are concerned and the second in terms of the number of clutches. As "Best Leader of the Year and of the entire universe" ;), What bait? The team returned to Europe and were back to winning ways at the Inferno Online Pantamera Challenge in Sweden which they won, taking down Titan 2-0 in the grand final. Olofpass He is one of the best player in the world and in my heart<3 Love you. After this decent finish, fnatic would begin a prolonged slump that lasted up until the last Major of 2015. Despite the grand finals loss, which solidified the Danes as fnatic's arch-rivals, olofmeister had a 1.25 rating and a +49 kdd, giving him the highest rating at the event (although he was not the MVP), and he also led in kill+assists per round (0.93), kills per round (0.88), and headshots per round (0.43). Fail. As we delve into the second half of our Top 20 players of 2015 we have [p,3849] in 10th place, whose ability to open up rounds and efficiency while doing so had a big impact on fnatic's success. Rasmus \"Gux\" Ståhl (The GazettE - In the Middle of Chaos)9. The first time it was Dosia in 2013. He's insane. DreamHack Open Summer was also olofmeister's second MVP performance of the year and he had the highest kill+assists per round (0.97), kills per round (0.92), 1+ kill rounds (57.1%), opening kills per round (0.17), and was second in total kills and total opening kills. :). fnatic had a lot to prove after this change, as it was rightly pointed out that the team had suddenly lost a lot of their mid-game finesse and tactical ability. With a highlight worthy year already in the making by early June, decided to dedicate a compilation video to the Swedish superstar ahead of fnatic's attendance of DreamHack Open Summer. LMAO JW top10 above GTR? ahahahahaha complete joke, last 9 will be (not ordered) not even close.. C No ! Why? <3333333, Well deserved GG olof absolutly complete player, No come tell me one international event they won =), tell me one international event c9 won no kappa.