The semi-pro thing, keep that in mind. Hallmark is on fire. Before her death on Christmas Day last year, Katrina labelled a folder 'abuse' in black marker and kept inside emails and records containing handwritten notes, after an internal investigation into her formal bullying complaint was dismissed in 2013. He delivers one into the neck of an opponent. The film grossed $64 million at the box office on a $35 million budget and received mixed reviews at the time of its release,[2] although retrospective reviews have been more positive and it is seen by many as one of Van Damme's best.[3][4]. Tearing my hair here. I get hurt, and then I lose confidence and then go back in, and then it will happen again and I'll lose confidence and then I'll go back in again. [19], Learn how and when to remove this template message, "It's a Big Sigh of Relief for 'Exhale'; Box office: Whitney Houston film opens strongly and could take in $11 million or more for the four-day weekend. In the movie, Iceburgh's costume was worn by Carla, one of the film's antagonists. After an attack renders her blind, Ellen Ashland withdraws from the world to recover. Sudden Death smashed its way into movie theaters in December of 1995. Full body full flame on fire. McCord’s daughter sums Foss up. Seen the movie? The woman believes the focus of LPC is on profit and performance, which stems from "higher up", but believes it can swing both ways over pay rise disputes and "wanting to go home safe at the end of the night". McCord then meets Hallmark (Dorian Harewood), the incompetent leader of this unit of Secret Service men. McCord puts his hands up long enough to shoot a nail into his neck. The humanity! The ladder slowly reaches their level. Tux wears number "99" on his back with the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Penguins logo on the front of his jersey. If there is evidence of bullying brought to my attention, I will launch an independent investigation into bullying at LPC. I can’t imagine that helicopter would make it out of Pittsburgh airspace, but hey, Foss is the guy with the master plan. That’s Foss’s big getaway plan. I mean that scene where Jean-Claude Van Damme is fighting Iceburgh to the death is iconic. The sparks, they fly. Iceburgh was known as "Icey" in the 1995 film Sudden Death starring Jean-Claude Van Damme, filmed at the Pittsburgh Civic Arena. JCVD saves the day, just like he always does. Barbaric stuff. But don’t call him crazy; crazy people hate that. Go figure! It's a masterpiece. Action scenes are few and far between. "While my first three months have been disrupted by dealing with the impact COVID-19 crisis, I have still worked to increase the level of engagement with our unions and our staff, and I have made it very clear that we will be introducing 'high performance high engagement' at LPC as soon as possible.". "Bullying is rife there, absolutely rife. The crane shot comes into play again. The scoreboard then explodes and everybody starts freaking out and stampeding out of the arena. ONE SENTENCE PLOT SUMMARY: At Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals, a terrorist holds the Vice President hostage, and the only man who can stop them is…the fire marshal. How does he find them? While trying to stay strong, Steve tries to develop a cure by ignoring all legal and moral limits with his treatment methods. (◕ ‿ ◕). TVGuide gave it 2 out of 4 calling it "Good clean fun, with just the right ratio of explosions to dialogue. I admit, I was fooled. Bombs start exploding. "Looking back, Katrina did more work than any of us," the woman told Kassandra. After Iceburgh delivers Emily to the bad guys, she returns to the kitchen and an inquisitive McCord. "I like my job and I want to come to work and feel safe and do my job well. A young private investigator in LA toes the line between danger and heartbreak as he tries to help a woman to commit fraud in order to get the money he needs to help his sick mother. But as they wait to learn if an independent investigation will be launched into workplace bullying, LPC staffers have come forward to express their own concerns about what really goes on inside New Zealand's third-largest container port. Sudden Death? [3][4][16], Sudden Death opened in the United States on the weekend of December 22, 1995, in eighth place, making $4,782,445 at 1681 theaters, with a poor $2,845 per screen average, and a $20,350,171 final tally. Let’s move on. He put out his body fire as quickly as he got lit. What an incredible film. "Our team leaders don't appear to have any responsibility or accountability, I think they've given up on trying. Meanwhile, Darren manages to find and disarm a few of the bombs (as well as killing and evading a few of Foss' men), whilst Foss himself kills several hostages after the end of the first and second periods. Oh and by the way, Jean-Claude Van Damme's character is a French Canadian who used to play goalie for a semi-pro team in Canada. What if they had also won the game? And Foss does. City trader and mountaineer David Tait is a man whose professional success masks a series of traumatic secrets. He also used to be a firefighter but is now more of a security guard after he wasn't able to save a girl from a burning building, and now his son thinks he's a pussy for not being a real firefighter anymore. Now he won’t need a doctor. Foss murders the mayor and his wife, because she annoyed him. Then as this entire situation is playing out, the FBI is outside trying to assess the situation while everybody in the arena has no idea what's going on. The guy grabs a light, dangles for a bit, and lands atop the scoreboard. Two worlds collide. A close relative to Katrina told Newshub: "She went out of the way for work, she was a bloody good worker and they just treated her like shit. McCord picks up on this. Of course not. But its audacity is insane, and its maker, Foss, seems insane. Iceburgh delivers two kicks to McCord, showing impressive mobility in a bulky suit. He states that he voted for the Vice President. They meet a woman who wears the Iceburgh costume, the Penguins mascot. An important shot shows the painted fingernails of the assassin. Personally, I think Gritty should be able to counter sue here for defamation of character. Since then, Iceburgh has become … Everyone’s fleeing now, except McCord’s son, who’s still in his seat. 'Nixon' and 'Cutthroat Island' perform poorly", "Top 10 greatest Jean-Claude Van Damme movies", "Rank Jean-Claude Van Damme's 10 Best Movies", "Sudden Death Movie Review & Film Summary (1995)", "MOVIE REVIEW; Van Damme in Top Form in 'Sudden Death, "Top 10 Jean Claude Van Damme Movies (fans need to see! Iceburgh was known as "Icey" in the 1995 film Sudden Death starring Jean-Claude Van Damme, filmed at the Pittsburgh Civic Arena. Resembling a King Penguin, Iceburgh debuted in the 1992-1993 season. Sequel to the 1995 Jean-Claude Van Damme action flick. These kids were fine, but they’re young kids. Lyttelton Port Company workers say 'rife' bullying 'tip of the iceberg' after staffer's sudden death. Directed by Peter Hyams. With Jean-Claude Van Damme, Powers Boothe, Raymond J. Barry, Whittni Wright. And how about this one, after the Penguins are the first to light the lamp: “Get in the fast lane, Grandma, the bingo game is ready to roll.” That one doesn’t even make sense. Iceburgh is the official mascot of the Pittsburgh Penguins. He needs to start getting creative on how to save the day before he ends up getting a bullet in his brain delivered by one of the terrorists. The camera investigates each room of the burning home as we hear the cries of the girl and the calls from McCord for aid. Gritty is currently under investigation for allegedly punching a 13-year-old in the head, Frank Pepe Pizzeria Naploetana - Chestnut Hill. Interesting plan, and it makes for a hell of a theater. (All staff left after completing the Vice President’s meal.) He drives Iceburgh’s head into an exhaust fan, lopping off a fluffy eye. “World peace, an end of bigotry, and no more mini malls.” Lofty goals, Foss, and $500 million will go far to solve these injustices. You knew the game would go to overtime. At Sudden, your named case worker helps to: Support you with a warm, listening ear; Give advice on bereavement issues He dodges a meat cleaver chop. Coarse, yes, but he did offer her wine and a cigarette before she died. Lucky for JCVD, he gets a little help from Luc Robitaille who scores with 0.1 second left on the clock to send this game to sudden death overtime. Ray must find a way to save ... See full summary ». The game was in Pittsburgh, the Vice President meets the Penguins, and the only actually player who speaks is a Penguin. )", "The Mecca Short Film Presentation – Schedule and Film Info", Pittsburgh Sudden Death (1995),, Fictional portrayals of the Pittsburgh Bureau of Police, Films about terrorism in the United States, Articles needing additional references from February 2019, All articles needing additional references, Articles with unsourced statements from November 2008, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 3 October 2020, at 00:43. The second collaboration between Hyams and Jean-Claude Van Damme, the hockey movie puts Van Damme in one of his least combative roles. During the 1995 Stanley Cup Finals between the Pittsburgh Penguins and the Chicago Blackhawks (a fictional rematch of the 1992 Stanley Cup Finals), a group of terrorists take the Vice President of the United States and several other VIPs hostage in a luxury suite. Earlier, McCord uses a piece of hose and a nail to fasten a nail gun. I thought he was a buffoon. He ties the glass bomb to his belt loop, leaps to catch a light fixture on a track, slides along the track toward the owner’s box and Foss, lets go to grab a dangling light that snaps from the the roof, and throws the glass bomb onto the box roof, exploding a hole that he falls through. WorkSafe told Newshub it was not notified of Katrina's death. Nobody won the Stanley Cup. When a bipolar woman commits suicide, her sister and her sister's fiancé become entangled in an attempt to discover what pushed her to the brink. (Wink wink.). In a document sent to LPC Human Resources from the RMTU Lyttelton branch secretary in 2013, Katrina Hey outlined feeling threatened, disliked and afraid to go into work in her complaint. Read the recap. The hand to hand combat scenes range from mediocre to okay(with the best one being a sequence in a locker room at the tail end of the movie) and despite not being as well staged as superior White vehicles like Blood and Bone or Falcon Rising they do convey some dynamic and forceful fights.The bad, the movie is obnoxiously silly.