Je se ho weirdo character is really new to watch...It suit him and it funny and lovable at the same time >< RJY oopa Fighting !!! Sim Bo Nui, interprétée par Hwang Jung Eum.

This drama is make my days...& Je so ho is cute human being...he is too adorable... Everything he do just make make me smile like and idoit and laugh alone like crazy girl..and his smile is too beautiful...LR Fighting !!!!!! The one who stole genius 2 on ep 1 is loitering the ZeZe factory. So if you dont like Lucky Romance, just dont consider to watch it. faye Jun 25 2016 1:14 am je ra jung Jun 16 2016 1:04 am

Ep 10 was really debakkk!!!!! To sima,its got the highest ratings compared to other dramas aired on the same timeslot,beating sbs and kbs. Mirtika Jun 08 2016 6:09 pm Donc on a décidé qu'on vivrait dans le présent, que l'on ne gâcherait pas le bonheur d'aujourd'hui. – Hong Dong Young as Gun Wook (child) I'm sorry jisung, but I'm more anticipate this than Entertainer for some reason,, Lucky Romance fighting, nara Mar 23 2016 10:38 am He's magnificent as a romantic lead, with various expressions, great body language, and a mountain of manly charm. I never thought i will be hooked so much i couldnt wait for the next episodes to be aired. Mandy Dane Jun 16 2016 7:18 am My fav drama.. why didnt I knew before. But the handsome actor without acting skills, wont be interesting. Didn't too hook me up. Malheureusement, il a été moqué par ses camarades et garde un certain traumatisme avec son père. There are so many funny and cute scenes. and if you think he won because of his powerfull agency, then all Cjes actor should easily won in every catagory which did not.

Train (OCN)

function onCatChange() { He is so spontanious, natural and really captivating.

– Jung Yoo Ahn as Choi Gun Wook (young) Heavy. Into The Ring (KBS2) Hwang Jung Eum is a good (and pretty!) So many talented people in one drama. !....after day of long work....its like a stress buster! Tammy May 28 2016 6:27 am Ryu ryu May 13 2016 10:51 pm fighting eonnie:)), nuam Mar 21 2016 9:17 am gun-wook oppa is a handsome one.., that's completing the dramaa... Jane Aug 29 2016 11:14 am By clicking on "Accept", you agree to our use of cookies. !..and what is wrong with Ryu Joon Yeol? Female lead suffocated me with her supertitious belief however she justified the character to the fullest. i hope this drama will have more than 16 episode bcs it's too worth to watch! i think Yoo Ah In or So Ji Sub is match for the lead male-Taek Hoo. (except those who are in the antique collection biz or minority).

They finally kiss! Why Hje so bad in acting? Sandra Jun 16 2016 2:08 am Ryu Jun Yeol's smile can light up the world. On the day he is to give a presentation for a new game, he continually bumps into Bo-Nui in unpleasant ways. LOVE THIS DRAMA~!!!!! Loved every second of this. Princess Faith Jun 16 2016 11:29 am The oats in this drama is lovely and catching. Sheshe Jul 03 2016 1:05 pm Ah and one more thing. and HJE is great actress. (usually they use round, thick black-rimmed, plastic glasses) It's just used for that. Also from drama she was pretty, Zeze factory and The Most HQ are exactly the same :D. I kinda had a crush with LSH now, ugh another new bias... he does look cuter here xD so far I watched 8 eps, and it's 8/10 over all.


you ...? Heol Mar 23 2016 1:01 am @Evie It gonna end this week...why.....16 episodes feel so short !!!!!

Was so IN love with this at the beginning. RYU oppaaa,,fightingggg………charesoyoooo sarngahhhhheeeeee, Another awesome drama!………. Aeronomer Jul 19 2016 1:53 pm Don't know what everyone is talking about.

They were adorable to the very end. Meow meow Jul 03 2016 1:03 pm Side note: Gary Choi is too charismatic. I love thier relationship in this drama. Have you guys seen a woman who believe in superstition who wear flashy and sexy dresses? guysss, did you see preview for eps 12??? I will watch all the drama though I don’t like the plot , to be honest i watched a lot of Korean dramas , i know this story are familiar , but just enjoy it , don’t write any negative comments , i really like it , your comment will let someone else like me who love this staff to reconsider whether to see it or not , be positive, at the end they worked really hard to make for us something entertaining like this drama , anyway i hope the rating will increase later on.

Of course, I want she has better design too, because she, and Bo Nui deserve it. Oppa fighting! Can't wait for the next episode aaaaaaaaa~~~. Jun Yeol, Hwang Jung Eum, Lucky Romance FIGHTING!! If you have watched it, I have nothing to say then. Whats the fuss about ryoo jong yeol he some idol star or is he from famous boy-band ? ri hyo Jun 15 2016 9:36 pm I AM HERE for HJE, who, as usual, has mastered this kind of role.

He simply grows and glows and makes you utterly believe this man has found his soulmate. gogo Jun 26 2016 7:49 pm looking forward to new episodes!!

Episode 4 was daebak. Gogo Jun 29 2016 6:42 pm She then meets an incredibly stingy guy Je Soo Ho (Ryu Joon Yul).

altought this drama is total opposite from the original webtoon but i love the drama way more than the webtoon.

I got so bored. googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display('div-gpt-ad-1431704070868-0'); }); Current user rating: 90/100 (3306 votes)

On l’a notamment vue jouer dans « Kill Me, Heal Me » (, ) prend le rôle de Je Su Ho, PDG au caractère plutôt bien trempé, ne voulant pas s’ouvrir au monde.

I realy don`t get it - why do people watch dramas they don`t like? Why Lee Soo Hyuk be a second lead again? She is not good in ron com :(. Now it's impossible again T_T I really really really love them in Giant. Jenny May 28 2016 10:32 am

I did really love Dal-Nim & Ryang-Ha. scarlett Jun 03 2016 4:23 am

Gonna support LR .. Love this drama! aldaretha Jun 10 2016 10:24 am Omooo what an awesome cast, especially Hwang Jung-Eum!! Jung In Ki as Ahn Young Il (legendary programmer), Lee Cho Hee as Lee Dal Nim (Planning team) I like the female lead, but here she sadly disappoints. Became an instant fan of RJY even though this is the first time I've watch his work. Nice romcom drama..I like hwang jung eum & esp my inspiration ryu joon excited to watch episode 4...I am planning to watch raw episode now.... btw @ noe please check yourself on the mirror for sure its painful to watch hahaha lol, laika Jun 02 2016 8:33 am He doesn't believe in superstition but he is trying to find the best way to lead Bonui to the right direction without ruining her belief. Still ship Gary and Amy. Does it make any sense?

For me, it's the acting skill that will make me feel the hero is attractive or not. de plusieurs épisodes. wow.....RJY really nailed it.....I really fell for him. I think this is her 3rd or 4th Drama with that same style since Can you hear my heart.Like her better with the long hair !!! I thinks he's a good actor n a nice person.

Legitimately sad. And i heard that he already win baeksang in just 1 year after his debut.

He's very talented. Cute drama. But the guys voice and face : wow. Ce drama est basé sur le webtoon éponyme de l'auteur Kim Dal Nim. RJY is so addictive!! and their laugher of "kkeeee" omfg!!! there are preview for episode 11, and i dont a single word that they said. FIGHTING......!!!!!! Julia Jun 06 2016 10:43 pm

I don't see how people can call the drama a flop already if it's only just started.

it can be disaster if the acting not done right.

Excited for this! Love that drama especially it was played by my idol HWANG JUNG EUM everything of her drama is perfect LIKE IT!!! speechless. And in real life, you communicate only with well-dressed people? Flower of Evil (tvN) Not everyone like your guy & it doesn't mean they are haters *sigh* People are just too sensitive when reading not nice comment about their idol & dramas -_- I think the rating had to do with the superstition theme. I just want to say that everyone have their own standard to call somebody handsome.

You don’t need to cut your hair short just to prove you have a pretty face.

I'm going to watch it live...I'm just so excited!! it is really a great pleasure to see him always...All the best,lucky romance and can't wait for next episode... Lily Jun 28 2016 1:01 am I always love your versatile acting...writer him...please make it happy ending...I want to see both of them smile happily at the end of the drama...LUcky Romance Saranghae ><. C'est un héros qui se plonge dans le travail corps et âme en oubliant la réalité qui l'entoure.

for those who have so much hates toward ryu, just go watch youth over flowers Africa! Don't miss this guy in this part. Some think its not all that bad and should be given a chance. XD He is too precious <3 <3. Yes, the outfits that HJE is wearing are weird and bad designed, but anybody knows that exist wardrobe experts and costumes designer in tv programs? J'ai beaucoup aimer le couple principal, les scènes en fin d'épisodes qui t'explique comment le personnage "Je Su Ho" découvre les divers difficultés  de l'héroïne ! I'm RJY's fan, but I dont think theres anyone who disrespect other actor here.

Such a contradict nonsense. I have to say that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.