This is a small school, but its students’ outcomes are significant. Graduation Rate: 39% Maybe your dream school is outside state lines. The highest degree achievable at this community college is an associate degree. Dorms are very spacious and centrally located! It is located in Dillon, Montana. Dorms, classrooms, dining hall, and a grocery store are within walking distance. There are many campus events included with the school year such as specialty speakers, athletic programs, and career fairs. By Kate JellemaThis year, for the first time, the number of women and men enrolled in graduate schools in…. (2019). This college ranks high for the best value and is one of the best colleges in Montana and among its competing regional colleges in the West. Menlo is such a special place, my experience at Menlo was amazing! Salary After Attending: $16,100. I went from a 3.4 high school student to a 4.0 college student because of it. Read more about the methodology we used for this article here. Community living is important at this top Montana college and all students are expected to live on campus. Retention Rate: 73% Beautiful campus situated in Billings with an overall small student body giving it a very home like feeling. Montana State University--Northern is a public institution. Top Graphic Design School Program in Montana - 2020 College Rankings 2020. The population of the college continues to grow each year, which is a promising sign of exceptional educational opportunities. Retention Rate: 51% Graduation Rate: 54% (2019). This community college ranks highly among the best community colleges in Montana. Blackfeet Community College. Rocky Mountain College. Salary After Attending: $32,500. Its strong reputation as a school for STEM will serve you well: it has a 98% placement record for getting its engineering students internships and jobs and an impressive 20-year ROI of over $541,000. If you’re a Democrat or a Republican, in Montana colleges you will easily find like-minded people and people who challenge your views. Montana is a member of a “tuition discount club” called the Western Undergraduate Exchange. It is located in Bozeman, Montana. The faculty and staff truly care about you and are there to help you succeed not only in your academic career but also in your professional developments. Retrieved from, Montana Tech of the University of Montana. (2019). The school also has many great academic resources and many majors to choose from. Net Price: $18,104/yr Score: 88.55. Most students at this community college choose majors in General Construction Trades, Social Work and Youth Services, Business, Human Development, Nursing, Substance Abuse and Addiction Counseling, and Information Science. One example is Montana State University – Bozeman. Net Price: $18,104/yr Score: 88.55, At this flagship university in Montana, wide-open skies and landscapes mirror the endless opportunities you'll have for learning and outdoor exploration. From Carroll, you can walk downtown and have your choice of restaurants, espresso shops, entertainment, and most important - jobs! Niche. Very friendly staff and students. Retention Rate: 63% Salary After Attending: $43,200. Retention Rate: 76% It is located in the city of Billings, Montana. The following is a list of colleges and universities in the U.S. state of Montana Most Montana college students receive financial aid. It is located in Butte, Montana. There are students that come to this school from all around the world! Additionally, Montana Technological University is known to have a high job placement percentage after graduation, which is an excellent aspect for prospective students to know. The highest degree offered at this community college is an associate degree. Retention Rate: 56% Another thing I love about the school is how diverse it is. The food here is not the best, but other than that I love everything else about Tech! Plan ahead to save the most on Montana college education. Students at this college will be given plenty of opportunities through learning as well as community outreach programs and partnerships to flourish into a prosperous career. The state also makes millions of acres available to cross-country skiers. This commitment is seen in the university’s several research spaces, such as the Plant Growth Center, several greenhouses on campus, and the remarkable Center for Bison and Wildlife Health. Research is a prominent part of Montana State University-Northern and is incorporated into almost every course’s curriculum. Choose from over 200 affordable programs. Students gain access to excellent educational opportunities, which will help them to make a decent living, all while learning the ministry of Jesus. An associate degree is the highest level of education students can receive at this college. The economy is healthy. Salary After Attending: $20,300. Carroll College is affiliated with the Catholic faith. Graduation Rate: 42% Campus is also pretty close to restaurant and not very far from the grocery store. All four-year Montana colleges and universities have intercollegiate sports teams. Students will earn a high-quality education with a supportive staff and small class sizes for a more one-on-one focus. Little Big Horn College. U.S. News & World Report L.P. Retrieved from, University of Montana – Western. Salary After Attending: $37,100. Montana residents can get discounts on tuition at certain public schools in these states: Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Nevada, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oregon, South Dakota, Utah, Washington and Wyoming. We selected the best Montana institutions for prospective students. This campus is amazing!Read 1,875 Reviews, Freshman: Overall, the atmosphere at MSU, Billings is very light hearted and positive. Niche. Professors have been very knowledgeable in all classes. Salary After Attending: $34,600. Montana scenery is world famous. Our internship program is great, it was one of the reasons I chose Menlo. Niche. Developing leadership, building long-lasting relationships, and learning the power of prayer are some of the goals this college has for its students. The faculty&advisors truly care and want you to succeed. College graduation rates are up. Professors have been very knowledgeable in all classes. If you're interested in engineering but your math skills need work, there's even a pre-freshman engineering program to get you up to speed! This university is committed to providing its students with the knowledge and skills to be able to perform successful research and provide essential services for Montana’s communities. (2019). Its number of programs and the low cost of tuition in comparison to other colleges is better than those featured in the top ranked online programs. The main goals of this community college are to help meet the educational needs of Native American individuals by providing higher education opportunities on the Native American reservation. Highlands College of Montana Tech will help students enter the workforce quickly or transfer to a four-year school of their choice. Niche. In addition, this college just started its first doctoral degree, which is the Doctor of Occupational Therapy. The game room and the Bark and Bite are fun places to go hang out after class and I love the coffee shop. It is the perfect choice for you if your love of the outdoors accompanies your big city educational dreams. It is located in Great Falls, Montana, and the Catholic faith is a large part of the university. The college offers terrific opportunities in research, studying abroad, art, outdoors, culture, music, entertainment, and the community. Niche requires Javascript to work correctly. Niche. The athletic teams are generally solid with a variety of options. I went from a 3.4 high school student to a 4.0 college student because of it. By interning with this program, students receive course credit and work on the school’s 10-acre farm that produces food for emergency shelters. Freshman: The academics have been excellent! Dedicated to giving you the support you need to pursue your degree. This school always has and will continue to be dedicated to each of these goals to give students a great future. The campus is small, but that just makes it easier to get to classes and the cafeteria. U.S. News & World Report L.P. Retrieved from, University of providence. Online tuition is especially low. Top 20 Animation Schools and Colleges … Graduation Rate: 50% History. Net Price: $24,431/yr Score: 144.55, Bozeman has been called a "dream town" for good reason: there's the mild climate with 300 sunny days per year, easy access to mountains, arts and culture, and a charming downtown. The goal of this program is to help nonresident students graduate with little to no debt. Chief Dull Knife College. Mission & Vision. Net Price: $13,112/yr Score: 80.55. Retrieved from—northern/, Average Net Price: $9,156 It is located in the city of Helena, Montana. Located in Montana's second-largest city, the University and its surrounding community create a cultural, intellectual, and artistic engine for the state. Montana State University, 3. (2019). Learn more about the Montana lifestyle with these college statistics and general Montana facts. The University of Montana is a public university that was created in 1893. Consider one of these accredited programs, and discover their value today. U.S. News & World Report L.P. Retrieved from, Average Net Price: $8,687 (2019). (2019). (2019). In addition, the school will also help students find apprenticeships, internships, career opportunities, or colleges to further their educations. The University of Montana Western is a public institution founded in 1893 that boasts a number of impressive rankings: its been named #8 in Best Value Schools, #8 in Regional Colleges West, and #3 in Top Public Schools in the Western region by U.S. News World Report. In addition, each student will gain self-awareness through the college, which will aid in building a career, life, and pride in heritage.