Alamo Drafthouse Cinema Montecillo is looking forward to welcoming back movie-lovers and doing what it does best – bringing them the best film, food, and drinks all in one seat. For many former Drafthouse employees, the only thing they can do is recall their few good memories, cherish the friends they’ve made, and move on. I’d say ‘Is this legal?’ and they’d be like ‘Don’t ask about it.’” A representative for Alamo Drafthouse says the company wasn’t aware this practice had taken place. And doing it safely. When Mainstreet’s HR representative bothered to call George in for a conversation, they did little to disguise his accusers’ identities—meaning George was often made aware of who had brought complaints against him. Melinda says she was kept from on-the-job education to protect George’s career from any competition. “I started seeing all the other stories coming out, and I thought, ‘How could I be so dumb?’” Hannah, a former member of Alamo Drafthouse Mainstreet management, says. Richard Pepper says the overall effect of these shifts were detrimental to employees’ physical and mental health. It was a man who went into a theater and was very belligerent and had his wife and kid with him. If any former staff have a concern we encourage them to reach out to us at”. “This last year, in the winter, it got so bad it backed up behind the bar at the Chesterfield [the theater’s bar],” Cassandra, a former server and bartender, says. Mainstreet Drafthouse. When Stephanie applied for a job with the Mainstreet Drafthouse, she says she was horrified to discover on her first night that George was head projectionist. Find free and cheap things to do in Kansas City today or any day. People who violate our, and engage in this kind of behavior must and will be held accountable.”, For us—the writers of this story—no one could hope for Alamo Drafthouse’s redemption harder. For us—the writers of this story—no one could hope for Alamo Drafthouse’s redemption harder. “If you didn’t like that about that person, then you shouldn’t be there.”. “To anyone victimized while they’ve worked for Alamo Drafthouse – I am very sorry, and I promise that things are going to change. Carl’s harasser was eventually fired from the company. And now, on with the show! “There were some times I had to sleep in the employee break room or in the projection booth because there was a couch,” she says. came out, Sydney Rebel didn’t have a car, and says she regularly worked shifts starting at 8 a.m. and ending at 4 a.m. Because she relied on public transit, that left little to no time to go home and rest. “We went to six mediation sessions over the course of one year and they wouldn’t budge on anything,” Rachel says. Alamo Drafthouse Cinema Montecillo is looking forward to welcoming back movie-lovers and doing what it does best – bringing them the best film, food, and drinks all in one seat. “I was left to clean up this mess by myself,” Stephanie says. Auditoriums can be rented for Movie Parties, Indie filmmaker premieres, corporate meetings and presentations, holiday parties, fundraising events and school field trips. This led to George engaging in microaggressions with his accusers, which former employees say included deliberately avoiding helping with technical training for important theater functions. “He set our date to discuss it for one week later, during which time I had to keep working with Christopher.”. “You can say these would be normal issues affecting a building more than a century old, but I worked in Power and Light [across the street and up the block] and never saw this at any [of those jobs],” says Carly, a former bartender who worked at the Mainstreet Drafthouse from 2018 to 2019. On February 25, the company’s Vice President of Operations and two facility leaders visited the location and spent two days addressing venue concerns. Last week an internal note was sent to all staff to encourage anyone with information about the claims made, many of which we are learning about for the first time, to share with the People team so that a full investigation can be conducted. “Two days later, when I came into work, he questioned me as to who might have told HR,” Melinda says. 1950s bullshit made manifest daily.”. “The thing I regret most is that I worked there in a time when I was really developing as a person. “He would talk to me about threesomes with other people, and people he was trying to get with,” Melinda says. Abby Olcese has been a regular Drafthouse customer since the Mainstreet location first opened, and has contributed to Birth.Movies.Death. Shortly after George questioned Melinda about the incident with HR, Melinda says he started ranting to her about his beliefs. It became a panic every time they came,” she says. , says they’re using this time while theaters are closed to work on long-standing company-wide issues. If it was a male manager on shift, the quality of sanitation was non-existent. Former employees say enforcing this policy occasionally put them in danger. Alamo Drafthouse Mainstreet offers a variety of unique spaces for private parties and events. He was being loud and disruptive, and I had to go in and tell him he had to leave. In the eyes of several former employees at both the local and corporate level, however, these issues are symptoms of a problematic workplace culture that originated with Drafthouse’s boy’s club ethos, and was exacerbated by the company’s rapid growth. Things you couldn’t understand. Celebrating cinema is also something we take seriously. Sign up for a FREE email newsletter subscription to get the best Kansas City deals delivered to your inbox daily. Find daily restaurant deals in the Kansas City area. The historic Chesterfield bar is situated at the lower level entrance to the Alamo Mainstreet theater with full bar service and buffets available. They get young people to start working for them so they can form them in the way they want them to be.”. “We both froze up. I admit, I lost quite a bit of weight and I got into excellent shape going up those stairs, but if you couldn’t make it, you weren’t allowed to use the elevators, and I’m not a hundred percent sure why that was the case.”. Introducing Virtual Cinema at Alamo Drafthouse Scratch your Alamo-At-Home itch without leaving your couch. “I always believed any complaint that actually made it to the corporate office would just be met with ‘Well, deal with it.’”, Sam Cable, the former employee who posted about his experience on Facebook, says his impression was similar. They had me climbing stairs and running food,” Pepper says. in the wake of sexual assault allegations that took place before he began working with the company. Clark, a former Drafthouse corporate employee, says as the organization grew from a cool hangout spot in Austin to a company managing multiple locations, the founding leadership’s lack of business and HR experience bred a toxic culture. “There is no place for abuse or harassment of any kind at Alamo Drafthouse,” Taylor wrote. It would take Alamo investing in a lot of training, and making them aware of what is and isn’t acceptable in the workplace. “But the former GM who left August of last year had a paper trail of things that needed to be fixed. “I was always kind of afraid to come into work when I saw he was closing. 10 Best Free & Cheap Things To Do in Kansas City, Free Weddings, Vow Renewals and Holy Unions at Unity Temple, Kids’ Night Out for Valentine’s Day at KC Young Audiences, Alamo Drafthouse Ultimate Schmalentine’s Day Package. “[Alan] said to tell the cops I haven’t seen him, and he’s not scheduled to work today.”. “For a couple of days, we couldn’t have the Chesterfield open. Stephanie says she let management know about her previous experiences with George, but was still assigned to work shifts when he was in the building. Tim laughed it off, and encouraged everyone else to do so.”, Carl says he paused. Christopher never went to court because he reportedly fled to South Dakota, and the case was dropped. Alamo Drafthouse Kansas City is located in the Kansas City Power & Light District at 1400 Main, Kansas City, MO.  The Chesterfield has a full bar, booth seating, a lounge area and room for dancing. I remember two managers bragging over how many people they kicked out of, , and the night manager saying ‘Oh, I bet I’ll get more.’”. Exclusive watch parties for four unique, unsettling genre thrillers from Blumhouse Television and Amazon Prime Video. “At the end of the night he comes from the projection tower and I heard his voice behind me,” she says. They jack you around on a compromise or settlement until you just lose hope.”, Rachel and her husband finally gave up in late 2016. “We have had intermittent issues with the sewer main since the beginning. “We moved to Seattle to leave all of this behind. Alamo Drafthouse Mainstreet offers a variety of unique spaces for private parties and events. “Alamo Drafthouse’s cash burn rate on corporate location rents alone is close to $2 million dollars a month, and we’ve accrued far more debt than the PPP loan in these four months of closure. “I would clean the milkshake machine at night and watch dozens of cockroaches scatter,” Carly says. “We maintain best-in-class monthly pest control contracts, and we also go beyond the norm to contract with a third party inspection service who executes quarterly mock heath inspections in addition to the annual inspections from the city,” a representative for the company says.