The Garthim's attack on the Podlings and the Gelflings, losing her mother or family, Skeksis The village was then attacked by the Garthim, who almost caught the pair, but were stopped by an exiled skekSil. However, being encouraged by Aughra (also imprisoned), she uses her animals and communicates with the creatures that are there.

Featured books Enemies Other names Convinced she was the last of her kind, Kira was taught the Podling language and further learned the art of Animal Soul Speaking. Kira was taken to the Chamber of Life, where skekTek shackled her to the essence draining chair and attempted to drain her essence. Gelflings: Cadia • All-Maudra Mayrin/The All-Maudra • Tavra • The Librarian • Seladon • Maudra Fara/The Rock Singer • Mira • Onica • Ordon • Rek’yr • Maudra Argot/The Shadow Bender • Maudra Laesid • Maudra Mera • Maudra Seethi • Maudra Ethri • Bobb'N • Mitjan • Bobb'N • Bellanji • Shoni • Eliona and Pemma • Red-Haired Paladin • Daudran • Crystalline Eminence • Alyadon • Breg • Ivo • Pombo • Boggi • Wukki, Skeksis: skekSil/The Chamberlain • skekSo/The Emperor\skekNa/The Slave Master • skekOk/The Scroll Keeper • skekTek/The Scientist • skekEkt/The Ornamentalist • skekAyuk/The Gourmand • skekZok/The Ritual Master • skekUng/The General • skekShod/The Treasurer • skekLach/The Collector • skekMal/The Hunter • SkekGra/The Heretic • SkekVar • skekEer • skekHak • skekYi • skekSa • skekLi, urRu: urZah • urIm • urUtt • urAmaj • urNol • urYod • urSol • urAc • urTih • urSu • UrGoh • urVa • UrHom • UrLii • UrMa • UrSan • urSen • UrYa, Other: Baffi • Vliste-Staba • Lore • Bohrtog • Raunip • Tumby • Fiola • Fire That Stays • Chal • Cindrah • Kataal • Lord Commander • Kolba • Nita • Whouf, Gelfling Clans: Gelfling Resistance • Dousan Clan • Drenchen Clan • Grottan Clan • Sifa Clan • Spriton Clan • Stonewood Clan • Vapra Clan, Kind, intelligent, diligent, strong-willed, brave, thoughtful, independent, determined, optimistic, compassionate, selfless, Gelfling with pale skin, light blonde hair, a pair of butterfly-like wings, To help Jen heal the Dark Crystal. When the Skeksis and the Mystics are merged back into the urSkeks, they heal Kira. However, they are suddenly attacked by the Garthim and only Jen and Kira are able to escape. The duo sneak into the Dark Crystal palace, where they confront Skeksil again. She wandered into a podling village, where she was adopted by the Podling, Ydra, who raised her as if she were her own. Displeased with how the Skeksis and her mother handled the Law, Tavra hoped to set sail with the Sifa Clan, though decided to remain in Ha'rar to help her older sister Seladon and her younger sister Breaas both looked to her for guidance though disliked each other, both of whom would often come at odds with their mother the All-Maudra. Love interest(s) Guardian of the Crystal of TruthCo-ruler and queen of Thra
She wears a long dress and is always barefoot. The duo are interrupted by an exiled Skeksil, who attempts to manipulate Jen and Kira. Pets Terms of Service When did we last step outside these walls? Understanding the error of their ways, they entrusted the Crystal to Kensho and left Thra alongside the urSkeks.

I see great cracks, as if Thra were shrinking into itself.
[6], Just before Jen heals the crystal, then undone when the.

In response, skekZok fatally stabbed her in the back, prompting Jen to heal the Crystal immediately after. Upon arriving outside the Castle, Kira charged at a troop of Garthim carrying Podlings taken from her village.

Her essence is nearly taken from her. By the time she met Jen, Kira was aware of all Gelfling physiology, which included that only girls had wings and she could understand what dreamfasting was.

He meets Kira's foster mother and all her friends.