The Barcelona duo inject coldwave with industrial grit and ghostly elegance, with Andrea P. Latorre’s vocals an undeniable highlight. Upon being heard for the first time by Vancouver-based label Synthetic Sounds, iVardensphere was immediately signed and the debut album Scatterface was released in July 2009, mastered by Sebastian Komor [Icon of Coil]. KANGA's Nine Inch Nails inspirations are on her sleeve in this album but she pulls it off amazingly well, paying tribute while presenting something entirely her own. Makes me think longingly of the pre-pandemic days when I would go to Das Bunker and dance badly in a crowd of sweaty goth freaks. Finally, after you have something really interesting going on, you can add performance modulation sources (ribbon controllers, wheels, extra envelopes, etc.) But even taking all of that moonlighting into account, his latest experimental foray comes as a shock, to the point that it’s perhaps understandable why he’d wish to credit it separately from the iVardensphere handle: a forty-three minute musical interpretation of Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner”, complete with a reading of the poem by Jay Watamaniuk (a friend of Fox’s who’s contributed similarly dramatic voice work to iVardensphere in the past). You need to enable JavaScript to use SoundCloud. The Pro 2 is incredibly well thought out from a programmer’s perspective. This is iVardensphere. There’s been talk of an 80s revival of one sort or another since long before the 80s even came to an end. I’ve had other powerful synthesizers that I have never done 10% of what I do on the Pro 2 because programming them was a pain. No two sets by the band are ever truly the same, as those who have seen them on numerous headlining tours, festival appearances and on support slots for Combichrist, Juno Reactor and Front Line Assembly can attest. For me, the Pro 2 becomes symbiotic with my Eurorack modular system. Explore releases from Ivardensphere at Discogs. Masterfully blended, "Hesitation" is a singular, concussive, cohesive tour de force of industrial. It's perfect headbanging industrial metal with just the right amount of cyberpunk nastiness. APOK, iVardensphere's first release on Metropolis Records, also takes iVardensphere's passion for collaborations to a whole new level, bringing in guest artists including I:Scintilla, Caustic, God Module, and This Morn' Omina as well as featuring remixes by SKOLD, ESA, releveleR and Pull Out Kings. “Without a doubt it has to be the speed of use. What does it give you that other synths might not? Fox’s tack in creating a musical frame for Watamaniuk’s reading of the poem is striking. 1 came out in February 2010 on Synthetic Sounds. Please download one of our supported browsers. I’m using it on everything I do these days. iVardensphere is a unique quantity in the world of modern electronic music. Wish I'd gotten into these guys sooner. Explore. Replicas: The Cure, “Mixed Up / Torn Down”, Replicas: The Force Dimension, self-titled, I Die: You Die Best of 2018: 25-16 | I Die: You Die. Hailing from the unlikely locale of Edmonton Alberta, the project originally emerged from mastermind Scott Fox’s desire to explore both the heavy electronics he cut his teeth spinning in local industrial club nights, and his love of percussion from around the world. Some synths on the market are starting to include CV interfacing, but the Pro 2 sets the bar for sheer capability in this format.”. Seriously, look up the feature set on this thing. If you haven’t already caught it, please check out his introductory post. It also received great reviews, including in Outburn Magazine and Rue Morgue. In any case, it’s been years since I personally heard the poem read aloud, and Watamaniuk’s performance not only reminded me of now common idioms which stem from the poem (“Water, water, every where, / Nor any drop to drink”, “this soul hath been / Alone on a wide wide sea”), but also of lines in the poem I loved in my youth (“And a thousand thousand slimy things / Lived on; and so did I”, “full plain I see / The Devil knows how to row”). I will say, though, the frontman looks like if Dr. Eggman from Sonic the Hedgehog was a daddy dom. The video gives a glimpse on the video projections we planned, but unfortunately hotel staff stopped us lighting up 30 hotel rooms. iVardensphere is a unique quantity in the world of modern electronic music. Don't make the same mistakes I've made. Some long for the angular rhythms … Continue reading Album of the Week: Laminate Pet Animal → Bandcamp Album of the Day Oct 28, 2011, Eyes On Backwardsby Dead When I Found Her, supported by 38 fans who also own “Hesitation”, Bandcamp Daily  your guide to the world of Bandcamp, Essential Releases: Indie, Alternative Rap, Video Game-Inspired Jazz, and More, Essential Releases: Introspective Pop, Alternative Soul, Houston Funk, and More, Essential Releases: Avant-Garde Jazz, Shoegaze, Latin American Electronic and More. It worked like Magick." An unexpected move for Fox, who’s been comfortably switching between club bangers and richly composed tracks as iVardensphere of late?