God, I begged my dad. Christa 2 incarnations. Walking Dead Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. She appeared as Little Inez in the 2007 movie version of Hairspray, played characters in Gilmore Girls, True Jackson VP, and Victorious on TV, and has writing credits on songs by Ariana Grande, Mariah Carey, Jennifer Lopez, and many more. At the funeral the next morning, he tries to settle the dispute between Mitch and Clementine to no avail. The next day, Louis approaches the gate when Clementine, carrying a wounded Alvin Jr., arrives. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. A lot of Justin Cowden's credits are for short films, but you'll likely recognize his voice if you're a Kingdom Hearts fan. He then introduces Clementine to his weapon of choice, a chair leg, reinforced with a few nails, that he's nicknamed "Chairles". He will be present when Minerva leads a herd of walkers onto the bridge that they're on. If Louis was not saved in "Suffer the Children", then he'll be seen held captive at The Delta's place of operations where he had his tongue cut out because he refused to stop talking. Tayla Parx may only be 24, but she's had a varied career spanning music, TV, and games. Maybe we will do in the future, however. On the way to the bridge, he will talk about how Dorian was his first human kill and about a house that his parents were building that he and Clementine can imagine what it would have. Louis then kisses Clem and is called an idiot by her. That night he is present when confronting Marlon about his human trafficking operation with The Delta. Following Marlon’s death, Louis’s relationship with Clementine becomes strained, and as a result, he partakes in the vote to have her and AJ kicked out of the group. He picks up Alvin Jr., grunting from the strain it imposes on his injured shoulder, (Determinant) and carries the boy inside. She appeared as Little Inez in the 2007 movie version of Hairspray, as played character in Gilmore Girls, True Jackson VP, and Victorious on TV, and has writing credits on songs by Ariana Grande, Mariah Carey, Jennifer Lopez, and many more. After Clem finishes talking with Violet, he gives her crutches to her so they can discuss another group near the map. Willy – Justin Cowden – A lot of Justin Cowden’s credits are for short films, but you’ll likely recognise his voice if you’re a Kingdom Hearts fan. (Determinant). Ultimate, and World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth. Louis appears to be a big fan of music, judging from his official description found on supplementary material and his aptitude for playing the piano. As they exit the boarding school, Louis introduces Clementine to Violet, though she ignores her, leading Louis to assure Clementine that Violet "grows on you." Directed by Vahram Antonian, Mark Darin, Chris Rebbert. Either gladly or bitterly, he distracts the walkers surrounding the station by insulting them and slamming the bell on the platform. He plays the piano to calm him down and demonstrates a liking for the boy when he gives him his bowl of soup even though he would then go hungry. Tennessee isn't very talkative in the game, so you won't hear a lot from him. But all he said was "You get to be happy, or you get to be rich, can't be both." Back at the school, he praises Clementine's efforts to help the group find food. Louis is first shown playing the piano to calm Alvin Jr. down. In "Suffer The Children", he showed sadness and grief about Marlon's death but admits that what Marlon did was wrong. If AJ was not trusted back in the cave, he will call out at Louis to throw Tenn over the bridge. If Clementine lost her finger in Season 3, they will talk about their missing fingers. She's appeared in TV shows such as Criminal Minds and Girl Meets World, but The Walking Dead is her only video game credit, according to IMDb. However, when Louis saw Clem carrying AJ back to the school, his usual sympathy and compassion for AJ showed up again despite being his best friend's murderer. Except for one thing: singing lessons. Louis also forgives AJ for killing Tenn. He will appear with a whole hand, (if Clem didn't stop AJ from attacking Dorian) or will be missing a finger (if Clem stopped AJ from attacking Dorian). He expresses a desire to preserve music and thinks it is important to bring some levity and entertainment into the bleak existence most people face. If he wasn't romanticized, the scene will play out the same but without the kiss. If the player chooses to reason with Marlon, Louis will step forward and support this. Conversely, the player can also choose to have Clementine hold a grudge against Louis for his involvement in expelling her and AJ, blame him for the inflicts it resulted on AJ and just belittle him in general. Like the others, he reacts in shock when Alvin Jr. shoots Marlon dead. He plays Willy in Telltale's game. Depending on the player's decisions, Louis’s relationship with Clementine will either be strained, friendly or romantic. If Louis wasn't saved in "Suffer The Children", he is seen near the end of the game eating with others, where he gives Clem a piece of paper. Afterward, he decides to play his piano. Louis is one of eleven characters to appear in all four episodes of. Louis then confesses he has taken a fancy to Clementine. Maybe we will do in the future, however. Ruby – Ali Hillis – While Ali Hillis has appeared in some great TV shows and movies, including Shane Black’s Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, you’ll probably know here from her video game voice acting work.