I think he left at least two touchdowns off The board because of horrible throws. The setup precedes OK, but then I get the message: I know the password is OK. Oh and lie about services. Re: Login Loop: When Is Comcast Going To Fix This? @Xfinity this 3rd outage in a week business is ridiculous. @BennettConlin I use a friend’s login who gets ACCN through their cable provider. 1 line is out other one is slow but still working. @Xfinity Except if you live in a predominantly Black and Hispanic neighborhood. I have already tried talking to support but they did nothing to fix the issue still going in the log in loop even though I'm loged into the main page but as soon as I hit account or anything back to log in. I need a person who can understand my problem and send me a tech!! Xfinity having a local outage is really ruining my day. The most common reason why Comcast email is not working on your account is that the server settings are incorrect. #Fraudcable #comcasthate, @singhns Always get the same error message. There’s an outage on Sunday? @Xfinity excellent customer service there. Hello @tempest42 and other having this issue. Not only did the @xfinity tech support not fix my problem. BTW, talking with a friend, he had the same problem:  Could not get his comcast account to setup in Win 10 Mail. The big - 3210504. Don't provide service. @JenniferLahl I didn’t know either. oh, you want to leave? Unfortunately,  my problem was a password problem. Wish I had another choice, but nope just you guys. @allenboguslav I thought Comcast would come their senses by now - very frustrating how little detail they provide re negotiations with ACCN. @CblGuyChris @MarkKosier Official Employees are from multiple teams within Comcast: CARE, Product, Leadership. There’s an outage on Sunday? @Xfinity How is it that EVERY TIME my internet goes out it’s the “same issue not connecting to the server” for a modem and router you don’t own. We are charged #higherfees but they drop service and refuse to fix.. @wwgirl40 I can investigate your issues as well. Just didnt want to deal with any of it so Im sorry there was no stream yesterday Im hoping Ill get it figured out soon. But, when I try to log out (lols), I get a server system error. Disappointed, especially because where we live we have no alternative whatsoever for internet and cable. @BillRog98728338 I'm having this problem. technical support services. Tried a different browser. Even tried the app. Thanks, @Idragflops Wow Xfinity really decided to have a outage right in the middle of me doing homework ? “Location issues” “inhome wifi” …smh do better. @VerizonSupport One site says it’s up, a text said it’s down, then calling said it’s not a system wide problem it’s almost as bad as dealing with Comcast/Xfinity! I tried clearing my interent cach and using other devices same on everyone. @comcastcares @Xfinity it is not considerate to your customers at all, in the middle of a pandemic when most people are working and going to school from home, to start working on power lines that will cut service and internet for those depending on it!! The worst service!! @Xfinity Any idea when the outage in my area will be over? Can you imagine 15 days without internet and tv! this shit annoying. @JennaL15 I'm sorry to hear about the issues that you're experiencing with your phone. This is bull. Please send me a DM and I'll do everything I can to help. Time to call #DishNetwork. I have tried to set up a couple of Comcast email accounts in Win 10 Mail. Chat with you soon! You’re kidding right? Hey @Xfinity my internet is still out in 77459....there was an outage this morning, you say it’s fixed...it’s not....and you say I can’t talk to someone for 90 minutes??? @Xfinity worst customer service I have ever had when moving. I’m confident it’s a @Xfinity thing but i wasn’t sure if anyone else has similar issues. Wentz can't hit the broad side of a barn. @briansardelis i had HORRIBLE connection issues and drops with comcast. @Xbox @Xbox I don’t know what’s up with my wifi, can you help me talk to @Xfinity ? It is the largest provider of cable broadband in the U.S. by coverage area. Always during sports or important shows. Tried a different browser. Internet down again. Take care. @jcharbonneau @ATT @comcast Fyi I’ve had nothing but problems with Comcast. Switching to Verizon. How is there an outage on football Sunday in my area? I’m so annoyed their wifi is absolute garbage, @ovojehu me and joe went to check the xfinity app and it told us the same thing, that theres an outage in our area and we may have issues connecting. No error message, just no email. It shows. @Xfinity @comcast #comcast #badcustomerservice. ? So if you're on mobile, or let's say, VPN, it can give you problems. -TO https://t.co/sJXooIWuaU, Thank you so much for taking the time to message us. We began work on 10/04/2020 09:44 PM (Mountain), and. I’m so trifling I check my xfinity app everyday and PRAY it says area outage so I can send it over or I pray my VPN fails. @__SteveG How does anyone get anything done on their network? @Xfinity It doesn't change the fact that we have no service in our area and our children can't even do virtual now. The customer service is below par! #concast #con #fraud #racist#concast #con #racist, @whatsbugginboo @comcast this is unacceptable to have no@WiFi at the price. May 9, 2020 7:45 PM. @stealingtaxmoney NO service in diverse neighborhoods. Having the same issue been having it sence I got xfinity a few months ago. Only reason I have this service is because of the monopoly that y’all have over my local area! You dont Care about your customers. Xfinity strikes again with another outage. Did that. Thanks. @Xfinity internet is extremely reliable at delivering a service outage an average of once a week for almost 2 months now. If you haven't already, please send me a private message with the information I requested and I will reply to each of you in the order of which your message is received. Not sure if it has been posted, but has anyone tried a different browser, cleared browsing history, or deleted Comcast and Xfinity cookies? Under the ‘OUTGOING MAIL SERVER’, enter the username and the hostname as displayed on screen. The service is even less! I have been waiting for resolutions to problems I have been reporting to Comcast since July. @mattshank_ @NBCSportsSoccer the app is notorious for not working. Latest outage, problems and issue reports in social media: List of the most commonly reported error codes and fixes. Comcast, just when is your team going to get around to fixing this problem? @joelnet @ATT My sympathies! kevin @Kev_On_The_Bus. 4. ???? Tried with Second email account, but no go. We are going on almost a week. @Sumisu wrote:. @Xfinity are you gonna offer me a credit for your unplanned service outage that’s affecting my ability to do work? The service is even less! @Honey223344 And now they won't be out til the 7th. Do you really want all your customers to go back to @Xfinity? @BennettConlin Unfortunately, I just follow along on Twitter. No matter the location, @Xfinity internet still sucks. @Talk2Windstream @Windstream @Xfinity @comcast It is no use! I have no shipping confirmations either, could you help me check on my router ? It doesn't really matter what VPN it is (commercial or corporate). No anytime soon; use the chat support mode yesterday morning and was told they are know about it and are working on it and it would be fixed in 24 hours - I guess they were not thinking 24 hrs earth time propably. Xfinity For full functionality of this site it is necessary to enable JavaScript. Woke up this morning to no internet and curiously @Xfinity asking for my login. I need to move somewhere where @Xfinity is available, as terrible as the customer service and support is, i've legitimately never had a problem with their internet....... ever. Xfinity outage for an estimated four hours. I’m seeing similar issues that is leading towards a DNS issue. Once I got the correct password, all worked properly. The most recent outage reports and issues originated from The gateway doesnt work and now neither does my actual modem. I'd like to know why Comcast can't fix a simple problem? Do you really want all your customers to go back to @Xfinity? Anyone else with Xfinity having issues connecting to the Internet right now? @comcastcares PLEASE REOPEN THE OFFICE IN FLORENCE, AL!! I pay enough as it is to @Xfinity and ACCN isn’t offered as a standalone subscription. An experienced team of professional technicians is available 24 hours a day to give you a detailed guide on how to implement advanced solutions to rectify the error as soon as possible. Your service sucks!!!!!!!!!! @PositivEntropy_ All the work they