"That wasn't the reason we didn't put them in the top 10. Utu (1983) 3. Bad Taste (1987) "It seems we have two styles - the darkly comedic or the just plain dark," he said. Gardiner said those films were "all great in their own way, but perhaps without quite the wider appeal of those we have included.". Those films are Don't Let it Get You, Death Warmed Up, Footrot Flats, The World's Fastest Indian, Came a Hot Friday, Rain, The Quiet Earth, Sleeping Dogs, Ngati, and Illustrious Energy. Fairfax Media national entertainment editor James Croot said he was surprised the top 10 didn't include films such as Came a Hot Friday, The Scarecrow and Illustrious Energy. Jackson was coming through from his early splatter films, but hadn't gone on to the blockbusters. "I fear that this top 10 would tell people that we are dark. Stories of murder, domestic violence, revenge and kidnapping have been named the best New Zealand movies ever made. How would someone from outside New Zealand view the country if they watched the 10 films? The top ten comes as Fairfax launches a poll of filmmakers, critics and the public to find the best New Zealand films ever made. When you look at our top 10 you can see the man alone and the dark themes.". Peter Jackson is represented by his breakthrough film Heavenly Creatures. List of the latest New-Zealand movies in 2019 and the best New-Zealand movies of 2018 & the 2010's. You can vote in the poll here. The 20 Greatest New Zealand Films of all Time. We claim them. New Zealand now the most powerful passport in the world, Permanent resident to be deported after beating wife and stepchildren for years, Quiz: Morning trivia challenge: October 6, 2020, Air New Zealand chief financial officer to quit after capital raising, Auckland runaway pram crash: Driver says there was no way to avoid collision, Election live 2020: Judith Collins shrugs off leaks ahead of third debate with Jacinda Ardern, Covid-19: Donald Trump leaves hospital, exhorts US not to fear the virus, Thorndon property for sale for nearly $8m, is most expensive home ever listed in Wellington, Nineteen phoenix palms set to be chopped in Matamata after residents complain, Boy hit by speeding car miraculously escapes death after his mother's 'intuition' led him to wear a helmet. Hopefully, it would also tell people that we are good at making films on not very enormous budgets. ", The top 10 was compiled by considering box office, reviews, awards and the opinion of NZ On Screen staff. It is such a beautiful film." Peter Jackson is a New Zealander and they are made by many New Zealanders. Even the two comedies on the list, Boy and Goodbye Pork Pie, have dark undertones of alienation, poverty and abuse. Goodbye Pork Pie (1980) 2. Gardiner said she "felt bad" no films in the top 10 were made before Goodbye Pork Pie in 1981. Is it just chance? Don't agree with the top 10? Heavenly Creatures just seems to fit beautifully. 1. There were tax breaks and incentives and a lot of of great film-makers coming through like Geoff Murphy and Roger Donaldson. Once Were Warriors (1994) 5. Top New-Zealand movies to watch on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime & other Streaming services, out on DVD/Blu-ray or in cinema's right now. Online film industry showcase, NZ On Screen, has compiled a list of what it considers the 10 best New Zealand films of all time. "It is not that things before that were bad. "Is it something about the moody landscape? That none of the Lord of the Rings films were included in the top 10 could be controversial, Gardiner said. They were made here. The 10 Best New Zealand Movies of All Time Posted on October 16, 2016 November 20, 2019 by Jonathan Knox In the early 1990s, the British Film Institute launched the Century of Cinema Series in attempt to explore the various examples of national cinemas around the world. There is a thing in New Zealand that the 1980s is really when we hit our stride. "I think of the Lord of the Rings trilogy as New Zealand films. NZ On Screen content director Irene Gardiner said the 10 films "are all quite dark". Have your say in Fairfax's poll to find the best Kiwi films of all time. There was a huge amount of argument and debate.". Visit movies.interactives.co.nz to vote.